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What are the advantages of full-automatic PCBA manufacturing?
What are the advantages of full-automatic PCBA manufacturing?

What are the advantages of full-automatic PCBA manufacturing?


In today's high-speed development era, the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, short delivery cycle, guaranteed quality and so on are the competitive advantages of most PCBA manufacturing. This is also the case in the SMT patch processing industry. Therefore, it is conceivable that the importance of the full-automatic high-speed PCB manufacturing line in patch manufacturing, So what are the advantages of full-automatic high-speed PCB manufacturing line?

1. Save time and provide productivity

The ipcb full-automatic high-speed PCBA production line is equipped with high-precision production equipment and testing equipment. The full-automatic high-speed PCBA production line, like express, is equipped with a number of newly imported Yamaha ysm20, ysm10 and other mounters. Before officially entering SMT mounting, the assembly procedures have been set on the equipment, which not only saves time and improves production efficiency, It can also effectively reduce labor costs.

2. Reduce error rate

With the development of miniaturization of electronic products, components and PCBA board are also developing towards miniaturization. Therefore, when SMT mounting is carried out, the mounting size of full-automatic high-speed chip production line can be smaller and the error rate can be effectively reduced.

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3. Quality assurance

Unlike manual production, there are many unstable factors in full-automatic machine production of PCBA. Full automatic mounting can effectively ensure the quality of PCBA products. For small and medium-sized batch mounting products, selecting processors with multiple full-automatic PCBA production lines can effectively ensure the quality.

4、 Mounting precision

Electronic products are becoming more and more sophisticated. Manual assembly is impractical for small-size components, so high-speed mounter is required for mounting. For example, ipcb smart manufacturing has 10 automatic high-speed PCBA manufacturing lines and is equipped with a newly imported Yamaha mounter, and the mounting size can reach 01005.

5、 Equipped with fully automatic testing equipment

The testing equipment to be equipped for the full-automatic high-speed PCBA manufacturing line includes online SPI, online AOI, X-ray and other testing equipment, which can check the SMT patch production process layer by layer and strictly monitor the product quality.

Ipcb has a full-automatic high-speed PCBA manufacturing line, which is not a problem for various SMT welding processes such as single-sided paste, double-sided paste and full paste. It can comprehensively solve the problems of difficult and expensive SMT patch welding. If there is SMT patch processing service, you can contact ipcb.