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Future Prospect of PCBA Manufacturing Industry
Future Prospect of PCBA Manufacturing Industry

Future Prospect of PCBA Manufacturing Industry


Future Prospect of PCBA Manufacturing Industry, PCBA manufacturing industry is also very important in foreign markets.

With the advent of the Intelligent Age of the Internet, a variety of intelligent tools have become an indispensable part of our life. They plug into every corner of our life in a variety of ways to accompany us. As long as there is internet, there will be PCBA circuit boards. It is clear that it is very likely that future smart devices will rely on the rapid development of the Internet to move towards a highly bionic and intelligent iteration. The potential for development also rises with the popularity of 5G Internet.

With the policy support of "re-marketing" and China's smart manufacturing issued in 2021, the development trend of PCB manufacturing industry will become better and better. At the same time, foreign markets are also slowly recovering with double support.

The history of the development of social productive forces is the history of the mutual advancement of scientific and technological progress and industrial revolution. Microelectronics technology is the core of information technology, integrated circuit is the basis of information industry, integrated circuit and software as the core technology, is the cornerstone of national information security. Therefore, strengthening the innovation of microelectronics technology and developing integrated circuit industry are the basic work to enhance the comprehensive strength and international competitiveness of the information industry and realize the leap-forward development of social productive forces.

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At present, the integrated circuit industry and software industry have become the core of the information industry. The government is also promoting the guidance and support of the weak links in the industrial chain of the upper, middle and lower reaches of semiconductors. All efforts are being made to develop the hardware manufacturing mainly based on PCBA processing and the software supporting development mainly based on system integration. These industries are the key forces leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. As a strategic, basic and pioneering industry in national economic and social development, the development of printed circuit board industry is an important means to promote comprehensive national strength, develop economy and ensure national security in all countries and regions in the world today. With the approaching of physical limits and the evolution of integrated circuit industry, new changes and opportunities will appear in the future development of integrated circuit industry.

The PCBA manufacturing industry is also highly regarded in foreign markets, with the four driving forces of 5G network, cloud, automobile and new generation mobile devices becoming the main service objects. These four drivers have an unshakable position in the modern Internet era and are developing steadily. Their development has also led to the development of SMT industry. It is estimated that the annual composite growth rate of PCBA manufacturing industry will be as high as 12% in the next five years.