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What problems should be paid attention to in PCBA manufacturing?
What problems should be paid attention to in PCBA manufacturing?

What problems should be paid attention to in PCBA manufacturing?


Generally, PCBA board in PCBA manufacturer's workshop is a complex and precise manufacturing process. Now, with the progress of scientific and technological products, it has been upgraded and updated. PCBA integration is more difficult and complex. Its manufacturing process is also a challenge to PCBA production personnel of PCBA manufacturers. No matter what reason, the safety of PCBA board in use is the most important, especially for medical PCBA board. So what are the causes of some PCBA problems caused by PCBA manufacturers' mistakes? The ipcb will explain it for you.


Firstly, the wrong placement of components on PCB board and unprofessional production specifications lead to more than 70% of product defects.

The following points are the reasons why the possibility of defects increases with the complexity of PCBA circuit and the difference of PCBA production process:

1. For many close pin components (above pins 8-20 of components), in the same components, the PCBA board is defective because the manufacturer does not pay attention to the number of pins and places the components in the wrong position.

2. Multiple PCB layers, PCBA board has many layers and is complex. It is difficult for the production personnel of PCBA manufacturer to distinguish the number of layers with the naked eye. If the PCBA workshop of PCB board manufacturer does not operate according to the production specifications, it will cause a large loss rate of PCB.

3. PCBA technology workshop manually welds the components on PCB circuit board. The lack of professional operation of PCBA technicians will lead to insufficient solder joints and affect the operation of PCBA board.

4. Perfect anti-static measures were not taken, resulting in halving the service life of PCBA board.

Although every PCBA board manufacturer or assembler hopes that the PCB boards produced are free of defects, there are several process problems in the design and production of PCBA boards, resulting in the continuous occurrence of PCBA board problems.