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Storage of PCBA and matters needing attention
Storage of PCBA and matters needing attention

Storage of PCBA and matters needing attention


Storage of PCBA and matters needing attention  



PCBA is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that is used to attach components or solder them to corresponding pads.  With the replacement of PCBA, more and more attention is paid to the placement time and reliability of high frequency operation.  Under normal circumstances, PCBA can be stored for at least 2 years to a maximum of 10 years.  IPcb's placement of PCBA products and other important concerns will be shared with you.  



1. Storage environment  

The warehouse for storing products is very stable and requires an environment of 25℃. Because the humid and dusty environment brings oxidation and dirt to PCBA, the shelf life of PCBA is seriously affected.  


PCBA Storage

2. Reliability of components  

Because the reliability of each component on PCBA is also different to a large extent, which determines the storage life of PCBA. Components made of high-performance and high-quality materials have the ability to resist harsh environment, its ability range is wider, and its oxidation resistance is stronger, which also provides a guarantee for the stability of PCBA.  




3, the importance of surface treatment for the PCB patch  

Printed circuit board material itself is not easy to be affected by the environment, the circuit board molding after finishing the surface treatment of air oxidation shadow or external contact will lead to oxidation, oxidation of the circuit board for the patch or welding will impression bad or false welding occurs.  Good surface treatment and vacuum packing before use can extend the shelf life of PCBA.  


Cleaning and Surface treatment


4. PCBA board running load  

The workload of the PCBA is the most important factor in its lifetime.  High frequency and high load operation will produce continuous high impact on circuit board lines and components, which is easier to oxidize under the influence of heating, resulting in short circuit and circuit break during long-term operation.  Therefore, the working parameters of PCBA board should be within the middle range of components, avoid approaching the peak value, so as to effectively protect PCBA and prolong its storage life.