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Red glue process equipment manufactured by PCBA
Red glue process equipment manufactured by PCBA

Red glue process equipment manufactured by PCBA


There are two processes for red glue film from PCBA manufacturer, one is to print PCBA red glue through needle tube, depending on the size of components and the amount of PCBA red glue, the other is to print PCBA red glue through SMT steel mesh, the PCBA steel mesh meets the standard size.

At present, there is also a PCBA patch process called dual process in PCBA factory industry, which is also the red and tin patch technology of PCBA patch, the printed paste, then the red glue, or turn on the PCBA stepping steel mesh, and then print the red glue. This process is used when the tin dipping is required, but most SMD components are now very mature when producing PCBA plates. Common problems with PCBA red adhesives.

1. The reasons for the insufficient thrust are: 1, insufficient glue, 2. Colloid does not cure 100%, PCBA Patch Factory 3. PCBA or parts are contaminated, 4. The colloid itself is brittle and has no strength.

2. Causes and Countermeasures of insufficient glue or water leakage: 1. Print plates are not cleaned frequently, they should be cleaned with ethanol every 8 hours, 2. There are impurities in the colloid, 3, unreasonable mesh opening or low point pressure, bubbles in the colloid, 5. If the rubber head is blocked, it should be cleaned immediately, 6. The preheating temperature of the dispensing head is not enough. The temperature of the dispensing head should be set to 38 C.

PCBAred glue film from PCBA manufacturer

Selection criteria for PCBA mounting equipment:

The patch machine is the most important manufacturing equipment on the PCBA production line. Usually, the surface mounting pickup and placement equipment, including the full set of feeders, accounts for about 50% of the total investment required for the medium volume surface mounting production line, and the production capacity of the production line is mainly.

It is determined by the placement machine that, since no type of mounting equipment is best suited for all applications, the effort required by the processing plant to select equipment with an appropriate feeder system should constitute a corresponding major part of the cost of selecting capital equipment for the PCBA production line.

Choosing the right Auto-Mounter depends on many factors, such as device complexity, applicable packaging and device standards, the type and number of parts to be placed, as well as current and future volume and flexibility requirements. Therefore, some machine selection guides must be established, and a matrix detailing required and available device functions will help reduce the number of choices for a given application. Here, recommendations from existing users may be the most important selection criteria.

When choosing mounting equipment, the maximum size of the base plate or panel that can be handled by the machine on behalf of the factory is the starting position. This requirement alone may eliminate many machines. For example, I had to choose a machine for a customer with a board size of 146 inches. The best thing I could do at that time was to find a machine that meets this requirement. In that case, It is not an important machine in the market, if you want to use fixtures for processing, you should use their maximum size instead of the base plate size as the selection standard for pickup and playback machines.