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Maintenance of SMT and Peak Welder
Maintenance of SMT and Peak Welder

Maintenance of SMT and Peak Welder


The via-to-smt conversion offers many benefits, including lower costs and smaller, faster circuit boards.

Surface mounting technology (SMT) is almost exclusively used by PCB components, and for good reasons, SMT is a fast, fully automated process that improves the accuracy of component mounting, reduces manual labor, provides consistent quality and reduces costs. Converting existing pass-through technology design of SMT patches to SMT is a fairly inexpensive process that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

What are the advantages of via-to-SMT conversion.

Surface mount elements (commonly referred to as SMD-Surface mount devices) are smaller and lighter than through-hole components, which allow lightweight plates and higher-density components.

Smt patch processing SMT technology operation does not require pre-drilling plates, which reduces the time and cost of manufacturing. The process is also fully automated, which can quickly produce accurate and repeatable circuit boards, thereby further reducing costs.

Because the component leads cannot pass through the PCBA circuit board, the components can be mounted on both sides of the circuit board, which opens up more design possibilities and more functions can be packaged into the same circuit SMT patch area.

Manufacturers have stopped using many through-hole parts. Most advanced parts are not compatible with through-hole mounting, and SMDs are usually cheaper than their counterparts.


Maintenance content of SMT patch wave solder.

1. Check that the tin on the claws of the peak welder is not distorted, the speed chain is loose, check whether the handwheel is in place everyday, check the parts that run frequently every month, and add appropriate lubricant every three months for parts that do not run regularly with SMT technology equipment.

2. Check the liquid surface of the paw unit twice a day for about 3/4. There is too much material left in the paw brush and too many residual check flow filters once a day.

3. Alcohol cleaning flux ducts are used daily, flow control valves, flow rate regulated liquid surface fixed pressure test, flow rate ratio 0.794-0.830 per hour.

4. Clean up the residue of high temperature $number of cover plates in the preheating system every day, and check the actual circuit board at 80-90 C in the tin stove every hour.

5. In the daily cleaning of tin slag in wave solder, the impurities at the tin furnace nozzle inside the wave solder should be cleaned once a week, and the actual temperature of the solder furnace should be measured at 24-25 C every hour.