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PCB Assembly First Inspection Advantage
PCB Assembly First Inspection Advantage

PCB Assembly First Inspection Advantage


The vast majority of factories must carry out an important step for the First Inspection. At the beginning, the factory and customers did not have much awareness of the First Inspection. With the passage of time and accumulation, the factory's requirements for product yield and quality were higher and higher. The First Inspection was started in order to eliminate defects in the early stage of production, so the first inspection process appeared. The customer also agreed. For the most basic product of PCBA, the first inspection is an essential and important link. This ring saves energy, saves cost and improves yield.

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Significance of First Inspection

The First Inspection of PCBA board is to inspect the first batch or previous batches of products produced after each shift / production line is put into operation.

This test is divided into several types:

 1 Visual inspection

2. False welding inspection

3. Check the accuracy of the patch position of components

4. Are there any missing components

5. The most basic inspection such as patch offset

This work is also called the First Inspection, because it is a specific sample collected before mass production, so it is also called the first inspection.

Generally speaking, the First Inspection requires the products to be inspected, and the products can be put into mass production only after passing the inspection. This is the link that conventional PCBA manufacturers will follow, and its purpose is self-evident.

Advantages and importance of first inspection of PCBA board

In order to prevent poor quality, repair or scrap of large quantities of products in the production process, PCBA manufacturers will conduct the First Inspection in advance

First Inspection Staff

The advantages are reflected in three aspects:

1. Avoid wasting resources

Due to the First Inspection of PCBA board, the inferior quality, repair and scrapping of a large number of products are avoided. Therefore, resources can be better utilized without wasting a lot of resources. This is a kind of cost control for enterprises, which can reduce the cost investment of PCBA manufacturers and electronic enterprises.

2. Quality control

The First Inspection of PCBA board is an effective means to control the product production process in advance. It can control product quality, help enterprises better determine the production quality of these products and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

3. Improve corporate reputation

No matter how good the quality is, but there is much waste and low success rate in the production process, such PCBA manufacturers are not what electronic enterprises want. Therefore, in order to improve their image and reputation, PCBA manufacturers will control product quality, success rate, qualification rate and high quality rate. When these data exceed the standard, they will have a good reputation in their peers and attract more customers to cooperate.


The importance of first inspection of PCBA board is also reflected in the cost. While saving costs, it can also improve production efficiency and reduce enterprise cost investment. Both PCBA manufacturers and electronic enterprises will get more profits. If enterprises want to attract customers through price reduction and promotion, they don't have to worry about losing money.

In short, the first inspection of PCBA board is very important and must be paid attention to. As a PCBA manufacturer, the first inspection is of great significance. As an electronic enterprise, the first inspection can help enterprises better understand the situation of cooperative manufacturers, which is very helpful for future cooperation and development.