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Rogers RT/duroid 5880LZ Data Sheet

PCB Material List

Rogers RT/duroid 5880LZ Data Sheet

Rogers RT/duroid 5880LZ Data Sheet

Rogers RT/duroid 5880LZ is a high-frequency PCB material designed for precise stripline and microstrip circuit applications.

ROGERS RT/duroid high-frequency circuit material is PTFE (including randomly filled glass or ceramic) composite PCB material, suitable for high-reliability applications such as aerospace. For a long time, RT/duroid series has been a high-reliability PCB material with a super performance in the industry.

RT5880LZ unique filler provides the material with low density and lightweight characteristics to meet high-frequency performance and weight-sensitive application requirements. 5880LZ PCB material has low dielectric constant, good consistency among different plates, and it is a constant in a wide frequency range. The low dissipation factor extends the application of 5880LZ PCB materials to the Ku band and above.

RT 5880LZ PCB material is easy to cut and process. Good tolerance to cold, hot solvents or reagents used to etch printed circuits or electroplated edge lines and holes.

When ordering RT 5880LZ Rogers PCB, it is particularly necessary to specify the dielectric thickness, deviation, type of electrolytic copper, and required copper thickness.

RT/duroid 5880LZ

Characteristic parameters of RT/duroid 5880LZ PCB material

Characteristics and advantages of RT/duroid 5880LZ high-frequency PCB material

1. Minimum dielectric constant, dielectric constant value 1.96

2. Low Z CTE

3. Low quality/low density, density only 1.4

4. Electrical characteristics consistent with the frequency

5. Unique fillers can be made into low-density, lightweight materials for high-performance, weight-sensitive applications.

The structure of RT/duroid 5880 is PTFE filled with random glass fibers. The fillers of RT/duroid 5880LZ are different in appearance structure and performance. The LZ of RT5880LZ refers to the small thermal expansion coefficient along Z-axis. Compared with RT5880, it is filled with hollow silicon spheres, so it is lighter in weight, has smaller Dk, and XYZ's thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of copper. The thermal expansion coefficient of high-frequency plate RT/duroid 5880LZ is in the temperature range of 0-100 degrees, and XYZ's triaxial thermal expansion coefficient is 44, 43, 41 respectively, which is suitable for making multilayer PCB board.

Typical applications of RT/duroid 5880LZPCB materials, Aerospace antenna system, lightweight feed network, military radar system, missile guidance system, point-to-point digital radio frequency antenna, precision stripline, microstrip circuit applications, high performance, and weight-sensitive applications.

The RT/duroid 5880LZ PCB material, synthesized from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material, uses unique filling technology and is designed for applications where the dielectric strip and microstrip lines are strictly required. It is a low density, lightweight material and has wide application prospects in high performance and weight-sensitive applications.

The RT/duroid 5880LZ PCB material has very low dielectric constant, which is 1.96 +0.04 at a frequency band of 10 GHz and a temperature of 23 degrees C. The dielectric constants of PCB materials are also well consistent. They remain constant (value 1.96) over a wide frequency range (8 GHz to 40 GHz), so they are less affected by the frequency increase. The loss factor of RT/duroid 5880LZ PCB material is very low, with a typical value of 0.0019 and a maximum value of 0.0027. The low loss factor makes this type of PCB material suitable for Ku band (12-18GHz) or even higher, which greatly expands its application range.

RT/duroid 5880LZ PCB material is easy to cut and process and can be cut into the shape required for production according to the design requirements. At the same time, it also has good corrosion resistance, can effectively resist the corrosion of solution, reagent, hot and cold used in the process of etching printed circuit, edge plating, through hole, etc., which greatly prolongs the life of PCB materials.

RT/duroid 5880LZ is a low loss and high-reliability PTFE PCB board of Rogers Dk 2.0. It is difficult to make PTFE PCB materials. IPCB can mature to make high-frequency Rogers PCB with high difficulty.