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Throttle door sensor pcb(ceramic substrate)

Throttle door sensor pcb(ceramic substrate)

Model : Throttle door sensor pcb

Material : ceramic pcb

Layer : 2Layers pcb

Color : White substrate

Finished Thickness : 1.6mm

Copper Thickness : 1OZ

Surface Treatment : gold-plated pcb

Special process : gold-plated pcb + ceramic substrate pcb

Application : Throttle door sensor pcb

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New energy vehicle PCB

New energy vehicle PCB

Model: New energy vehicle PCB

Number of layers: 4L

Plate thickness: 5.0mm

Minimum aperture: 1.0 mm

Minimum line width / distance: 0.5/0.27mm

Inner copper thickness: 3.0mm

Outer copper thickness: 1oz

Surface treatment: ENIG

Minimum distance from hole to line: controlled depth milling + bending

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