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Soldering scheme of circuit board automatic soldering machine

Soldering scheme of circuit board automatic soldering machine

With the increasingly fierce market competition, it is difficult to recruit personnel, difficult to manage, short order delivery cycle, high delivery quality, dare not accept large orders, and small orders can not make money, which has been plagued by small and medium-sized circuit board manufacturers. The development of the enterprise is about to enter the era of Industry 4.0, PCB circuit board manual soldering is gradually replaced by automatic soldering machines, which not only reduces labor costs but also greatly improves the production efficiency of products.

   First of all, let's take a look at what are the common electronic components on the circuit board?

This involves the classification of electronic components. For example, according to whether it is necessary to provide independent electrical energy classification during work, common electronic components on circuit boards generally include component types, device types, and combination types.

1. Components: mainly resistors, capacitors, inductors, crystal oscillators, ceramic filters, mechanical switches, connectors, simple sensors (such as thermistors), etc.

2. Devices: mainly diodes, triodes, thyristors, integrated circuits, simple sensors (such as photodiodes, triodes), etc.

3. Assemblies: There are mainly various modules, complex sensors, etc.

Soldering scheme of circuit board automatic soldering machine

 There are many categories of electronic components:

① According to the packaging form, it can be divided into plug-in type and patch type;

② According to whether it is necessary to provide electrical energy independently during work, it can be classified into component type, device type and combination type;

③According to the size of the power dissipation, it can be divided into high-power components, medium-power components, low-power components and micro-power components.

   What are the common electronic components that need to be soldered?

With the continuous improvement of the process, some of the electronic components mentioned above have been wave soldered or patched, with high efficiency and more reliable stability.

The remaining components cannot pass the furnace and cannot be pasted. It can only be solved by the post-welding process.

There are many actual cases encountered in post welding. Usually, the engineering department of the circuit board factory will make process improvements and require more stable and reliable PCB soldering methods. Their starting point is to require more stable quality. efficient. Take the medical B-ultrasound motherboard as an example. On a PCB circuit board, there are hundreds of electronic components, and the total number of solder joints is a few hundred. It is really cumbersome to require manual operations, and solder leakage often occurs, and the amount of tin is controlled. Poor leads to poor solder connection on the pad. In fact, a simple understanding of circuit boards, pads and electronic components. What kind of tin wire is used, the specific pad position, how much tin should be discharged, and how much temperature should be heated, will be set according to strict parameters.

Can grasp the detailed position change of each solder joint on the PCB circuit board, including the way the soldering iron head is dropped, including whether the soldering pad requires tin penetration or not, the parameters will be strictly set, compared, and the actual effect will be used to verify the solder joint Quality, and efficiency. The position of the machine also plays an important role in PCB board welding.

Some common situations in which we are not good at soldering PCB boards with automatic soldering machines are analyzed based on experience from the editor of Shenzhen PCB, let’s take a brief look.

It is common that the soldering pad of the PCB board is covered by green oil. In this case, it can be soldered well with an ordinary constant temperature soldering iron. However, due to the short time of the automatic soldering machine contacting the soldering pad, the soldering of the soldering pad may be poor in many cases. This problem needs to be improved by the Shenzhen PCB manufacturer to solve the problem.