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Explanation and method of FPC production imposition

Explanation and method of FPC production imposition

In the production process of FPC, in order to save costs, improve production efficiency, and shorten the production cycle, it will be produced in an imposition mode instead of monolithic production. In FPC imposition, there are several principles that need to be followed.

1. Under the premise that each process can be produced, the circuit board imposition should be "squeezed" as much as possible. The so-called "squeeze" is to reduce the distance between adjacent boards and circuit boards, thereby reducing the size of the entire imposition, saving production materials, and reducing production costs.

2. The spacing between the single plates should be at least 2.5mm. First of all, this is to meet the needs of positioning holes. In the mass production process, the molding generally adopts the method of die punching. In order to enhance the accuracy of die punching, positioning holes need to be placed between each piece in the imposition to avoid die punching. In the sample production process, laser cutting is generally used. In order to avoid micro deviations and prevent one piece of deviation from the whole piece of deviation, the single pieces cannot be directly connected, so that the two pieces are mutually exclusive. Influence.

3. FPC imposition needs to add etching characters, and briefly explain the imposition size, quantity, etc., so as to facilitate the check and verification in subsequent production.

4. Add positioning holes in the four corners of the entire imposition, and choose one corner to mark different positioning holes, which is convenient for maintaining the same direction in the subsequent production process, so as not to cause the sealing film to be stuck back, and the characters are printed back.

5. The imposition width is fixed at 250mm, and the length should be within 250mm as much as possible. The larger the imposition size, the greater the offset, the worse the production accuracy, and the higher the defective rate of finished products.

Explanation and method of FPC production imposition

After reading the previous section, everyone should know more or less about it. The following briefly introduces three ways of FPC imposition.

1. Conventional imposition. Directly align the layout according to the direction of the single chip, which is most suitable for FPC layout with regular appearance, such as rectangle, square, circle, ellipse, etc.;

2. Diagonal spelling. The single piece is tilted to a certain degree, and then arrayed, so as to maximize the use of the imposition space, such as curved strips, folds, etc.;

3. Inverted fight. That is, a single PCS is combined with one positive and one negative to jigsaw together.

All imposition methods follow the principle of minimizing materials, provided that they can be produced.

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