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Talking about the remedy for the soldering of the circuit board pad

Some friends will ask what should I do if the pads of the pcb circuit board are soldered off, and how to deal with it? pcb Circuit board proofing manufacturers also encountered the same situation when they were producing circuit boards. Today, I will share some of the experience I summarized when encountering this situation.


The soldering of pcb circuit board is mostly because the soldering time is too long or the temperature is too high due to repeated soldering. The copper pad of the circuit board will only fall off after repeated expansion. Pay more attention to this when soldering to prevent more falling off .


The pcb circuit board cuts off the peeled pads with a knife to the place where they are not peeled off, to prevent the circuit from expanding along the peeling place. If your component pins are long enough, you can scrape off the insulating paint at the circuit joints after cutting. Good soldering solders the far-sighted pins here.

PCB circuit board

 If your PCB circuit board component pins are not long enough, you can use a thin wire on the good soldering tin to pass through the pad hole and solder it to the component pins, and the other end is soldered to the component pins. The pad joints are fixed with hot melt glue to prevent reopening and falling off


If the pad of your pcb circuit board comes off very seriously, the above method is not suitable. You can also choose the flying lead method. Solder one end of the wire to the soldered component pin, and the other end is soldered to the soldered pad.

 On any solder joints. There is another way, bridging, if there are components on the same circuit around the soldered pad component pins, you can directly solder the component pins to the pins of that component, and discard the original pads Of course, when soldering, you must see clearly that you can’t solder the string to prevent burnout of the components