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What is the reason for PCB proofing first during circuit board processing and production

I believe that customers who have processed and produced PCB circuit boards understand that when producing PCB circuit boards in batches, PCB proofing is required before mass production. Circuit board proofing is not only to understand the quality response of the product in advance, but also to reduce formal production. The time is bad, so it is an indispensable link to carry out PCB proofing with guaranteed quality in advance. Of course, the two parties must communicate the details and specific parameters in-depth before the proofing, in order to promote the successful proofing and lay the foundation for subsequent production. Let's work with the editor to understand the purpose of proofing:

1. Able to judge the strength level of the circuit board manufacturer's production

Effective PCB proofing before production can also clearly understand the strength of the circuit board manufacturers, especially the manufacturers that the two parties have not cooperated before, can determine the strength level of the circuit board manufacturers in production through the proofing, only the ability is equivalent and can be processed Only the circuit board manufacturers that meet the technical requirements of the standard can better meet the requirements of enterprises for long-term cooperation and high-quality processing and production of PCB boards.

2. It can reduce the defect rate during the production of large-scale PCB circuit board products

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Usually the PCB board processing and production volume is large, in order to ensure that mass production goes smoothly without quality problems and reduce the defect rate, it is very necessary to carry out the circuit board proofing processing before production. After all, the processing of PCB boards needs to go through complicated processing procedures, and no errors can occur in every procedure or processing link. After successful proofing, professional technicians will effectively test the samples. After passing various professional tests, it is determined that there is no problem. Can be mass-produced.

3. It can lay the foundation for batch processing in the future

PCB proofing is also in order to understand the performance and functional response of new products in advance. Through proofing, it can effectively lay a good foundation for mass production in the future. The calculation of the corresponding material cost can also optimize the shortcomings in advance. All of these need to be proofed. Effective processing of the link can reduce the occurrence of various unprepared problems during mass production.

It can be seen that it is very necessary to conduct PCB proofing before the formal production. It is also the first step for successful cooperation with processing enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reasonable price circuit board manufacturer for proofing, and provide the material size or size requirements for plate processing with the manufacturer. , After the two parties have communicated and negotiated, the formal PCB proofing will be carried out, which is also to lay a good foundation for better cooperation between the two parties in the later period.