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Three precautions for high-precision single and double-layer PCB processing
  1. Choose a manufacturer with good quality and high-precision single- and double-layer PCB processing: When processing high-precision single- and double-layer PCBs, consumers must first choose a good-quality manufacturer for processing operations. Not only can it ensure that consumers are rigorous Attitude, and effectively ensure the accuracy and high efficiency of the processed circuit board size, these are especially obvious for manufacturers of average quality; need to pay attention to determining the number of high-precision single- and double-layer PCBs:



     consumers may need to according to different situations , Determine the right amount of proofing to reduce costs and prevent the emergence of manufacturers who have not yet determined the function and start mass production, so that the final circuit board function and the consumer's will deviate, and the consumer should not lose it. Special confirmation is required. Items are encapsulated to avoid proofing failure due to encapsulation errors.


high-frequency digital circuits

2. Consumers can compare the cost of high-precision single- and double-layer PCB processing: Consumers are also very concerned about the required expenses when choosing manufacturers for high-precision single- and double-layer PCB processing. Therefore, consumers can be in the market Many visits, field surveys and experience of many price levels, so that you can choose a reasonable price pcb processing manufacturer, so that you can reduce the consumer's own expenses and at the same time obtain satisfactory finished products.

3. Layout and routing of components: Consumers can pay attention to the placement order of components when making samples at the manufacturer, usually first place the components in a fixed position related to the structure. In addition, the layout of components also needs to pay attention to heat dissipation issues, not in one place ;

You can also use the simulation function for high-precision single- and double-layer PCB processing: in order to ensure that the circuit board can be properly proofed, consumers can use electronic software to simulate. Especially high-frequency digital circuits, because electronic equipment can find some problems in advance, you can Reduce the workload of post-commissioning.