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Maintenance and maintenance of PCB printed circuit board electroplating production line

Types of equipment In the production process of PCB printed circuit boards, there are two main types of electroplating equipment, one is a horizontal electroplating line and the other is a vertical electroplating line. The two electroplating equipment with different structures are mainly different in the way the circuit boards are transported, and the structure of the conveying board equipment used is also different, so the maintenance is also slightly different.

Daily maintenance and maintenance methods

1. Maintenance and maintenance of the tank The main difference between the vertical plating line and the horizontal plating line is that the transportation method of the circuit board is different, and the maintenance and maintenance methods of the tank are essentially the same. 7d Clean the pickling tank once and replace the bath liquid; check the spray device in the tank to see if there is any blockage, and clear the blockage in time. ; For the conductive support on the copper plating tank, the tin plating tank and the contact position of the anode and the live wire, you can wipe it with a rag and sandpaper when you clean it; In one inspection, replace the rotten titanium basket bag and tin strip basket, and add copper balls and tin strips. After adding copper balls and tin strips in 7 days, electrolysis must be carried out on the copper electroplating bath and tin electroplating bath.

7d will also use high and low current methods for trial production, so that after adding copper balls and tin bars, the performance of the production is stable before production. The copper ball and anode bag should be cleaned every 90%. Use activated carbon to filter and clean the bath every 120~150d, filter out impurities in the bath, and clean the tin bath once.

2. Maintenance and maintenance of the vibration mechanism of the vertical electroplating line. In order to ensure the uniformity of the surface copper and the effect of the hole copper during electroplating, the plate will be vibrated and rocked, and there will be a vibrating rocking mechanism on the tank.

30d. Check the reducer to see if it is operating normally and check its tightness; check the tightness of the vibration mounting motor bolt; check the wear of the vibration rubber, and replace it in time if the wear is more serious.

180d Check the contact situation of the power cord in the junction box. If the connector is loose, fasten it in time. If the insulation layer of the wire is melted or aging, replace the power cord in time to ensure the insulation between the power cords; All bearings on the vibrating mechanism should be inspected once, and the severely worn bearings should be replaced in time for the last lubrication.

3. Maintenance and maintenance of vertical electroplating line cranes The vertical electroplating line uses cranes and hangers to transport the circuit boards. Clean the crane and the hanger once a week (the crane and the hanger do not need to be disassembled) to keep their appearance neat and tidy. When cleaning, you can use a rag to wipe, and use sandpaper to polish. 30d Check the hanger once to check the damage of the hanger; check and maintain the motor and reducer of the crane, check the entire transmission device, and ensure its normal operation. 180d Carry out an in-depth cleaning and maintenance of the crane and the hanging equipment, and the hanging equipment should be removed from the crane for cleaning.

4. Maintenance and maintenance of horizontal electroplating line conveying device The conveying device used in the horizontal electroplating line is a roller, which uses the rotation of the roller to continuously send the circuit board into each tank. Therefore, the maintenance of the horizontal electroplating line conveying device is the same as that of the vertical electroplating line. Something different. 7d Clean the rollers of the horizontal electroplating line once to clean the foreign matter adhering to the rollers to ensure that the surface of the plate is clean when conveying the plate; check the coupling to check whether it is loose. Check the rollers every 180d to check whether the rollers are worn or not, and replace the worn rollers in time to ensure that there will be no jamming when conveying the plate; the transmission gear, the transmission shaft and the entire transmission system should be checked. Carry out an inspection and make timely repairs to any problems that arise.

5. Maintenance and maintenance of the circulating filter system 7d to check the filter cartridge of the circulating filter system to see if there is any leakage in the filter cartridge. The filter core should be cleaned or replaced every 10~15d. 30d to replace the filter carbon core to ensure the filter quality and the flow rate of the filter; the filter pump should be cleaned once and the filter hood and filter screen of the air pump should be cleaned. 30d Check the contact condition of the pump motor power cord connector once. If it is found to be loose, it should be tightened in time. If the wire is aging, replace with a new wire to ensure good contact and safe insulation to protect the motor.

6. Maintenance and maintenance of other parts 7d. The output power of the power supply should be checked twice; the power supply, the heat dissipation trend of the electrical control, and the radiator should be checked, dust and cleaned to prevent it from affecting the heat dissipation. 30d Inspect the electrical components of the electrical unit, and replace them in time if they are damaged or corroded; check all connectors, and repair them in time if there are poor contact, virtual connections, and virtual welding, and replace them in time if they are rusted or damaged; Check all contactors and relays. If there is bad contact or sticky contacts, replace them in time; check the main parameters of capacitors, reactors, resistors and other components. If abnormalities occur, replace them as soon as possible.

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For the automatic feeding system, check and calibrate once in 7d. 7d Clean the scale and dirt on the electric heater to prevent the internal temperature of the electric heater from becoming too high.

For each water and gas piping system, check it once every 7 days to see if there is any running, leaking gas or liquid, and timely repair and replacement of the running and leaking pipes.

2. Discussion of maintenance before long-term shutdown. If the equipment is planned to be shut down for a long time, it is necessary to maintain it so that it will not be corroded and aging during the shutdown process. Do: Clean the ground, wipe off the water on the ground, and make the ground Keep dry, and keep the machine platform, tank, driving, and hangers clean and dry; all motors should be wrapped in plastic wrap for protection; all bearings are injected with grease to prevent rust; all the pipelines All the syrups are cleaned; the syrups in the filter barrel of the filter are cleaned; the filter element of the filter is taken out and cleaned; all the heaters in the tank must be cleaned to remove dirt and keep dry.

Electroplating equipment used in the production of printed circuit boards, due to different production processes and different manufacturers, will have certain differences in equipment. Therefore, there will be some differences in maintenance methods, but the equipment must be timely and correct. Maintenance, must not neglect the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment because of the production schedule and output. Only if the maintenance is correct and timely, can the normal operation of the equipment, stable performance, and production output and quality be guaranteed.