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What should I do if PCB immersion gold board cannot be tinned?

What should I do if PCB immersion gold board cannot be tinned?

First of all, let's briefly understand what is sinking gold? Immersion gold is one of the PCB surface treatment processes. It uses chemical deposition to generate a layer of coating through chemical oxidation-reduction reaction. It is usually thicker. It is a kind of chemical nickel-gold layer deposition method, which can reach a thicker layer. Gold layer.

What should I do if the PCB immersion gold board cannot be tinned? In order to solve the problem, we must first analyze the reasons why the PCB immersion gold board cannot be tinned, mainly as follows:

What should I do if PCB immersion gold board cannot be tinned?

(1) The PCB board cannot be tinned due to oxidation;

(2) The temperature of the furnace is too low or the speed is too fast, and the tin is not melted;

(3) If there is a problem with the solder paste itself, you can try another kind of solder paste;

(4) The battery problem, because the battery is generally stainless steel, it needs to be plated with a layer of chromium to be tinned.

Knowing the reason why the PCB immersion gold board cannot be tinned, let's talk about the solution below. The details are as follows:

(1) Periodic tests and analysis of the ingredients of the syrup are added in time, the current density is increased, and the plating time is prolonged.

(2) Check anode consumption from time to time and make reasonable replenishment;

(3) Reasonably adjust the distribution of anodes, reduce the current density by an appropriate amount, reasonably design the wiring or jointing of the board, and adjust the light agent;

(4) Strictly control the storage time and environmental conditions of the storage process, and strictly operate the production process;

(5) Use a solvent to clean the sundries, if it is silicone oil, you need to use a special cleaning solvent for cleaning;

(6) The temperature during the PCB soldering process should be controlled at 55-80℃, and sufficient preheating time should be ensured.

The above are some solutions to "how to do if the PCB sinking gold board is not tinned", I hope it will be helpful to you, if you find something wrong, you can contact us for correction.
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