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There are five ways to deal with an open circuit on a circuit board? What causes it?

1. IQC must conduct random inspections of PCB copper clad laminates before entering the warehouse to check whether the PCB surface is scratched and exposed to the substrate. If there is any, contact the supplier in time, and make appropriate treatment based on the actual situation.
2. The PCB is scratched during the cutting process. The main reason is that there are hard sharp objects on the cutting machine table. The friction between the copper clad laminate and the sharp objects during cutting constitutes the phenomenon of copper foil scratching and exposing the substrate, so the cutting It is necessary to carefully clean the countertop before making sure that the countertop is lubricated and there are no hard hard objects.

PCB circuit board

   3. The sheet was scratched during the transfer process:

  ①The amount of PCB circuit board raised by the transfer staff is too large and the weight is too large. The board is not lifted during the transfer, but dragged up, which constitutes the conflict between the corners of the PCB board and the board surface and scratches the board surface;

  ②When the board was put down, it was not placed properly, so in order to rearrange it, the board was pushed hard to form the friction between the board and the board surface was scratched.
 4. After immersing the copper, and stacking the boards after gold plating, they were scratched due to improper operation.

  5. The production board is scratched when passing through the horizontal machine:

  ①, the baffle of the plate grinder sometimes touches the surface of the PCB board, the edge of the baffle is generally uneven and the object is raised, and the board surface is scratched when the board is passed;

  ②, the stainless steel drive shaft is damaged into a sharp object, and the copper surface is scratched when the board is passed, and the substrate is exposed.