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What is PCB?

Have you turned on the computer or phone? A PCB or printed circuit board is a flat, usually green component used to hold all chips and/or electrical components. Under the green solder mask/cover layer are the wires/traces on the circuit board. They connect components to form a circuit.

A printed circuit board that has not been soldered with any electrical components is called a "bare board", or more precisely, a "printed circuit board." However, printing, electroplating, and etching processes produce copper traces called "wiring."

printed circuit board

To make a printed circuit board, you need to take a functional diagram or a schematic diagram, convert it into an artwork, and make a pattern for components, holes, and circuits/wires. The printed circuit board designer is the engineer who creates the schematic. It is similar to the printing plate used in printing, although it is technically very different.

The range of printed circuit boards in size and the way they are used in many products is too extensive to list, but here are a few: cell phones, cars, computers, TVs, flash drives, thermostats, vehicles, weapons, and video games Machine console. If it is electronic, then the printed circuit board is probably a board that supports the brain behind it.