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5G base station high frequency circuit board surface treatment process

    Today we come to understand how to choose the surface treatment process of the 5G base station high-frequency circuit board. In front of a bare copper board and a high-frequency circuit board with a surface treatment process, we will choose a high-frequency circuit board with surface treatment. The reason is also very simple. Although the bare copper board is very good in performance, in order to ensure good solderability and electrical performance, then the selection of the surface treatment process is the most basic step.

    It is impossible for the copper surface of the high-frequency circuit board to keep the original copper in the air for a long time. Once the copper contacts the moisture in the air, it will oxidize in a short time. Therefore, we must coat copper with a layer of solder resist to remove the copper oxide, but the industry generally does not use this type of solder resist to remove the form, will use the current electroless nickel/immersion gold (ENIG), immersion silver , Immersion tin and other surface treatment processes, the following Shenzhen Mingchengxin Circuit (high-frequency circuit board proofing manufacturer) will introduce the following processes to you.

high frequency circuit board

    Immersion silver process: Immersion silver is between OSP and immersion gold. Its process is relatively simple and fast. Even if the high-frequency circuit board of immersion silver is exposed to humidity, heat and pollution, it can still maintain good solderability.

    Immersion tin process: The immersion tin process is very promising, because the solder is based on tin, so tin can match any solder. It can be seen here that the solderability of tin is high, and the tin process has good thermal stability after technological improvement.

    Nickel plating/immersion gold process: It is equivalent to putting thick armor on the 5G base station high-frequency circuit board, so that it can maintain good conductivity during the long-term use of the high-frequency circuit board; in addition, nickel plating/ Immersion gold has strong endurance to the environment that other processes are not afraid of, such as: touch screen switches and plugs. These are the best choices for nickel/immersion gold process, because gold fingers are in solderability, conductivity, friction resistance and life. The above are better.