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PCB copying techniques integrate PCB schematic and PCB layout

PCB is one of the important parts of the electronics industry. Almost every kind of electronic equipment needs pcb, as long as there are electronic software such as integrated circuits, pcb is also used for the electrical interconnection between them.
So today I will introduce things related to pcb.

In the process of PCB copying, it is often necessary to connect multiple PCB schematic diagrams and draw them on the same PCB file. The following introduces a very practical technique to quickly integrate multiple PCB schematic diagrams, hoping to help your work advantage. The steps are as follows:

  1. First of all, make sure that each schematic diagram must be placed with interconnected ports (i.e. Port), and the names of the connected ports must be the same.
    2. Create a new SCH file or open a SCH file with enough empty space on it.
    3. On the selected SCH file, execute the Design--Create System From Sheet... command, select a SCH file, and press Enter to confirm.
    4. Place the generated block in a suitable place.
    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all connected SCH files have been added.
    6. Connect each square with the same port (Port) with a wire.
    Seven. Generate a network table on this SCH file.
    8. Create a new PCB file and load the generated netlist

  2. pcb smt

Good techniques can often save us a lot of trouble. I hope that the above techniques for quickly integrating multiple PCB schematics can help you.
Whether the PCB board layout is reasonable or not will directly affect the wiring effect and even the function of the circuit board. Therefore, PCB designers must carefully design the PCB system layout when designing the circuit board. The following is a PCB copy board engineer to analyze how to make a reasonable PCB board layout and its skills.

A reasonable layout can have the following advantages:
  (1). Save the space of the circuit board to reduce the cost;
  (2). Make the size of the system smaller;
  (3). Improve the reliability of the system.

   A bad PCB layout will have the opposite effect. A reasonable layout is the basis of system design and the first step to a successful PCB board design. Generally speaking, there are two ways of PCB layout, one is interactive PCB layout, and the other is automatic PCB layout. In actual applications, an interactive layout can be used to adjust the layout based on the automatic layout, and the gate circuit can be redistributed according to the wiring conditions during the layout. For example, two gate circuits can be exchanged to make it the best layout for easy wiring. The success of a product depends on the internal quality and the overall aesthetics. Only when both are perfect can the product be considered successful. Considering the overall beauty of the PCB board layout, on a PCB board, the layout requirements of the components should be balanced, dense and orderly. Another important issue of the board layout is the size of the PCB board. The size of the printed board must match the size of the processing drawings, meet the requirements of the PCB manufacturing process and have positioning marks. Whether the components of the board conflict in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space must also be considered. For example, whether there is an appropriate distance between the thermal element and the heating element. If it is too close, the thermal element may be burned. Some high-power devices in the board layout also need to add heat sinks, and the size of the heat sink must also be considered.
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