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Following the first "cherry blossom powder" in the whole network, halogen-free PCB board + new technology is online!
PCB Tech
Following the first "cherry blossom powder" in the whole network, halogen-free PCB board + new technology is online!

Following the first "cherry blossom powder" in the whole network, halogen-free PCB board + new technology is online!


Up to now, it has been more than a week since the "cherry blossom powder" ink has been newly introduced. The matte and tender PCB has attracted a large number of electronics enthusiasts to experience it, and there are many companies pursuing novelty.
For this pink circuit board that is "coming out after a thousand calls", it can be said that it completely satisfies the restless hearts of electronics enthusiasts. The pink tin plate is the collision of powder and silver; the pink gold plate is the romance between powder and gold. No matter what kind of craft, the hunting board "cherry blossom pink" shows the tenderness and cuteness that is exclusive to pink.
When engineers are desperate to complete a project, the romance of "cherry blossom powder" will surely soothe those tired spirits and bring new vitality to everyone. In addition to the first romantic "cherry blossom powder" on the whole network, Hunting Board has recently launched a new craft! ! ! This new board and new technology will meet the needs of more people.

pcb board

1. New technology

1. TG130 double panel, board thickness supports 3.0mm, copper thickness supports 1oz and 2oz;

2. TG130 double panel, thickness support 1.0mm/1.2mm/1.6mm, use halogen-free board (green oil);

2. New board-halogen-free PCB board

Lieban's new halogen-free sheet is online, and the first delivery has arrived at the factory! Halogen-free PCB board is a more environmentally friendly board. According to the JPCA-ES-01-2003 standard: copper clad laminates with chlorine (Cl) and bromine (Br) content less than 0.09% Wt (weight ratio) are defined as halogen-free Type copper clad laminate. Halogen refers to the halogen elements in the periodic table of chemical elements, including fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), and iodine (I).

According to research by relevant institutions, halogen-containing flame-retardant materials (Polybrominated Biphenyls PBB: Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethyl Ether PBDE) will release highly toxic gases such as dioxin and benzofuran when they are burned and emit large amounts of smoke. The smell is unpleasant and carcinogenic, and cannot be discharged after being ingested by the human body, which seriously affects human health. Therefore, it is necessary to ban halogen.

What are the characteristics of halogen-free PCB boards?

1. Insulation

Since the halogen-free sheet material uses P or N to replace the halogen atoms, the polarity of the molecular bond segment of the epoxy resin is reduced to a certain extent, thereby improving the qualitative insulation resistance and resistance to breakdown.

2. Water absorption

The halogen-free sheet material has fewer electrons than halogens in the nitrogen-phosphorus-based oxygen reduction resin. The probability of forming hydrogen bonds with hydrogen atoms in water is lower than that of halogen materials, so the water absorption of the material is lower than Conventional halogen-based flame retardant materials. For the board, low water absorption has a certain impact on improving the reliability and stability of the material.

3. Thermal stability

The content of nitrogen and phosphorus in the halogen-free sheet material is greater than the halogen content of ordinary halogen-based materials, so its monomer molecular weight and Tg value have increased. When heated, its molecular mobility will be lower than that of conventional epoxy resins, so the coefficient of thermal expansion of halogen-free materials is relatively small.

Compared with halogen-containing boards, halogen-free PCB boards have more advantages, and it will become a general trend to replace halogen-containing boards with halogen-free boards.

As a high-end PCB smart factory specializing in the production of 1-8 layers of PCBs, Hunting Board PCB, with military quality as the standard, continues to innovate and develop, and improve process production capabilities, whether it is creating a romantic trend of "cherry blossom powder" on the entire network or launching halogen-free PCBs. With new plates and craftsmanship, Hunting Board has always driven itself with innovative development, so as to continue to bring a more perfect boarding experience to the majority of users!