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PCB manufacturing cost saving method

PCB manufacturing cost saving method
    The size of the board is naturally an important point. The smaller the pcb board, the lower the cost. Part of the PCB size has become the standard, and the cost will naturally decrease as long as the size is adjusted. There is some information about standard sizes on the CustomPCB website.
    Using smt will save money than THT, because the parts on the PCB will be denser (and smaller).
    On the other hand, if the parts on the board are very dense, then the wiring must be finer, and the equipment used must be relatively higher-level. At the same time, the materials used must be more advanced, and more care must be taken in the design of the wires, so as not to cause power consumption and other problems that will affect the circuit. The cost of these problems can be more than the savings of reducing the size of the PCB.

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    The more layers, the higher the cost, but PCBs with fewer layers usually increase the size.

    Drilling takes time, so the fewer pilot holes the better.
    Buried vias are more expensive than vias through all layers. Because the buried hole must be drilled before joining.
    The size of the hole on the board is determined according to the diameter of the part pin. If there are parts with different types of pins on the board, because the machine cannot use the same drill bit to drill all the holes, it is relatively time-consuming, which also means that the manufacturing cost is relatively increased. 7 Y) x, C, g& ]) A

    Electronic testing using flying probe detection methods is usually more expensive than optical methods. Generally speaking, optical testing is sufficient to ensure that there are no errors on the PCB.

    All in all, the efforts of manufacturers on equipment are becoming more and more complicated. Understanding the PCB manufacturing process is very useful, because when we compare motherboards, boards with the same performance may have different costs and different stability. This also allows us to compare the capabilities of various manufacturers.

    A good engineer can know the quality of the design just by looking at the motherboard design. You may think you are not that strong, but next time you get a motherboard or graphics card, you might as well appreciate the beauty of pcb design first!
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