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What should be paid attention to in PCB layout?

What should be paid attention to in PCB layout?
①. According to the reasonable division of electrical performance, it is generally divided into: digital circuit area (that is, afraid of interference and interference), analog circuit area (fear of interference), power drive area (interference source);
②. Circuits that complete the same function should be placed as close as possible, and each component should be adjusted to ensure the most concise connection; at the same time, adjust the relative position between the functional blocks to make the connection between the functional blocks the most concise;
③. For high-quality components, the installation location and installation strength should be considered; heating components should be placed separately from temperature-sensitive components, and thermal convection measures should be considered when necessary;
④.  The I/O driver should be as close as possible to the edge of the printed board and to the lead-out connector;
⑤.  The clock generator (such as crystal or clock) should be as close as possible to the device that uses the clock;
⑥.  A decoupling capacitor is required between the power input pin of each integrated circuit and the ground (usually a monolithic capacitor with good high-frequency performance); when the board space is dense, it can also be around several integrated circuits Add a tantalum capacitor.

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⑦.  A discharge diode should be added to the relay coil (1N4148 is enough)
⑧. The layout must be balanced, dense and orderly, and not top-heavy or heavy.
Finally, it is recommended to pay special attention to PCB proofing. When placing components, you must consider the actual size of the components (occupied area and height) and the relative position of the components to ensure the electrical performance and production of the circuit board. At the same time, the feasibility and convenience of the installation should be ensured that the above principles can be reflected, and the placement of the components should be appropriately modified to make them neat and beautiful. For example, the same components should be placed neatly and in the same direction. "&Nbsp;. This step is related to the overall image of the board and the difficulty of wiring in the next step, so a little effort must be taken into consideration. When laying out, you can make preliminary wiring and fully consider the places that are not sure about it.
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