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PCB welding process and requirements

During PCB board welding, manual insertion, manual welding, repair and inspection are required.

1. PCB board welding process

Categorize components according to the list, one plug-in, one welding, one trimming, one inspection and one trimming.

2. PCB board welding process requirements

1. Process requirements for component processing

1) Before inserting the components, the solderability of the components must be processed. If the solderability is poor, the component pins should be tinned first.

2) After the component pins are formed, the pin spacing should be consistent with the corresponding pad hole spacing on the PCB board.

3) The shape of the component pins should be conducive to heat dissipation during welding and mechanical strength after welding.

2. The process requirements for the components to be inserted on the PCB board

1) The components are inserted into the PCB in the order of first low and then high, first small and then big, first light and heavy, first easy and then difficult, first general component and then special component. The installation of the next process shall not be affected after the previous process is installed. .

2) After the components are inserted, their markings should be as easy to read and read from left to right as possible.

3) The polarity of the components with polarities should be installed in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawings, and no wrong installation is allowed.

4) The components should be evenly distributed and arranged neatly and beautifully on the PCB board. Tilting, three-dimensional crossing and overlapping arrangement are not allowed; the height and the drop are not allowed; long and short pins are also not allowed.

PCB board welding