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What' s the EMI?

What' s the EMI?

EMI refers to the interference caused by the work of electronic products on the surrounding electronic products, which is also related to the EMC specification.It is the problem that electronic appliance product often encounters.The types of interference are conduction interference and radiation interference.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) may not be possible.This is a compound word. We should think about "electromagnetic" and "interference" separately.It refers to the interference phenomenon produced after the action of electromagnetic wave and electronic components, including conduction interference and radiation interference.Conductive interference is the coupling of signals from one electrical network to another through a conductive medium.Radiated interference refers to the interference sources through space to the signal coupling (interference) to another electric network, in high speed PCB and system design, the high frequency signal lines, integrated circuit of the pin, all kinds of connectors, etc can be has the characteristic of antenna radiation interference sources, can affect other systems or radio waves and the other subsystems in the system to work normally.