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4 kinds of Flexible Printed Circuits Board

4 kinds of Flexible Printed Circuits Board:

There are 4 kinds of PCB in the Flexible type.Single side,Double side, Multi-Layer and Rigid Flex PCB.

- Single Side Flexible PCB,It's lowest cost.When wiring on one side, one side flexible board should be selected.It has a layer of chemically etched conductive pattern, and the conductive pattern layer on the flexible insulating substrate is calendered copper foil.The insulating substrate may be polyimide, polyethylene terephthalate, aryl amide fibre ester and polyvinyl chloride.

- Double sided flexible PCB is in the insulation substrate on both sides of a layer of etching made of conductive graphics.Metallized holes connect the shapes on both sides of the insulating material to form a conductive path to meet the design and use function of flexure.The covering film protects the single and double conductor and indicates the location of the element.

- Multi-layer flexible board laminates three or more layers of single-side or double-side flexible circuits, forms metallized holes through drilling and electroplating, and forms conductive pathways between different layers.This eliminates the need for complex welding processes.Multilayer circuits have great functional differences in terms of higher reliability, better thermal conductivity and more convenient assembly performance.When designing layout, the interaction of assembly size, number of layers and flexibility should be considered.

- Rigid-Flexible board is composed of rigid and flexible substrate with selected layers pressed together.The structure is tight and is metallized to form a conductive connection.If a printed board has both front and back components, rigid flexible board is a good choice.However, if all the components are on one side, it is more economical to choose a double-sided flexible plate and layer FR4 reinforcement on the back.