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What is circuit board proofing? What documents are needed for circuit board proofing?

With the development of the times, there are more and more electronic products. As the "mother of electronic products", circuit boards are widely used in communications, consumer electronics, computers, automotive electronics, industrial control, and defense, aerospace, and other fields. Circuit board proofing is very important, so what is circuit board proofing and what files should be sent for circuit board proofing? The following editor will talk about it in detail.

Circuit board proofing

Circuit board proofing introduction
   Circuit board proofing generally means that after the engineer's circuit board layout design is completed, the electronic product is sent to the PCB manufacturer to be processed into a circuit board for trial production. Because it is a newly developed product, many functions are not yet perfect, and there are still many functions that need to be debugged. Mass production can only be carried out after the debugging is qualified. If the debugging is unqualified, it needs to be revised, proofed and debugged.

   So the circuit board proofing in the early stage is to test the functions, so it is very necessary and necessary to carry out the circuit board proofing to debug after drawing the board.

Documents needed for circuit board proofing
   Circuit board proofing is the preliminary step of mass production. Only when the proofing is accurate can mass production be put into mass production. Then, it is very important to provide accurate proofing documents. Do you know what documents need to be provided? And what issues should be paid attention to in the provided documents?

   First of all, you need to provide a PCB or GERBER file. The file should include the plate making instructions-including specific requirements such as the number of board layers, materials, pad technology, ink color, etc., let's learn about some of the main parameter descriptions in detail.

  1. Material: It is necessary to explain what kind of materials are required for the production of PCB. At present, FR4 is the most common, and the main material is epoxy resin peeled fiber cloth board.

  2. Board layer: It is necessary to indicate the number of layers to make the PCB board. (The number of layers of the PCB board is different, the price will be different, the PCB circuit board proofing process is the same)

  3. Solder mask color: There are many colors, you can also choose according to requirements, generally green.

  4. Screen printing color: The color of the font and frame of the screen printing on the PCB is generally white.

  5. Copper thickness: Generally, the copper thickness is scientifically calculated based on the current of the PCB circuit. Generally, the thicker the better, but the cost will be higher, so a reasonable balance is required.

   6. Whether the via is covered with solder mask: Over solder mask is to insulate the via, otherwise it is to make the via uninsulated.

  7. Surface coating: tin spray and gold plating.

   8. Quantity: The quantity of PCB produced should be clearly stated.