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Method for PCB assembly factory to reduce PCB production and assembly costs

Method for PCB assembly factory to reduce PCB production and assembly costs
Over the years, it is understood that the entire industrial chain in the industry is now constantly upgrading, and the labor cost of personnel is also increasing. In addition, the raw material prices of PCB circuit boards are constantly rising. As a company, Baiqiancheng Electronics has 17 years of experience and service. Over thousands of customers' pcbassembly manufacturers. In order to improve customer service and ensure product quality and reduce production costs, a comprehensive reform has recently become a problem that must be solved for hundreds of thousands of electronic pcb assembly factories to survive and develop in the subsequent competition, then how to achieve quality improvement and cost reduction. Woolen cloth?
 Method for PCB assembly factory to reduce PCB production and assembly costs

Having said that, we can't just start from the cost of PCB raw materials and labor costs. The procurement of materials by pcbassembly factories should follow customer and market orientation, meet customer needs, and cooperate steadily with high-quality suppliers. In the control of efficiency and cost in SMT patch processing, industrial robots are generally used instead of manual labor, and the transition from semi-automation to full automation is gradually realized. The prices of PCB circuit board raw materials and SMT components have become transparent in the market. The competition of PCB assembly plants is actually the competition of PCB process capability and quality. Advanced production equipment, skilled SMT technicians, standardized and customized PCB assembly services are the key elements that customers pay attention to.


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The PCB manufacturing process is very complicated, and reasonable control of PCB production links will effectively control PCB production costs. Baiqiancheng Electronics has a complete PMC department, and the links of material control, scheduling, production planning, and delivery are in order. In addition, the rational use of hydropower is very important. PCB factories are generally controlled semi-automatically. The machine uses electricity, and the SMT workshop generates a lot of consumption every day due to constant temperature and humidity. Reducing the scrap rate of PCB assembly is also critical.
How to reduce the scrap rate of PCB assembly manufacturing and assembly?
The first is to enhance the sense of ownership of all employees and attach importance to the quality of PCB assembly.
Second, the quality department scientifically and strictly controls the quality of PCB
Third, employee performance is directly linked to the pass rate of pcb assembly
Fourth, senior managers must be familiar with the whole process of pcb assembly and have strong management capabilities
Finally, the continuous development of the pcb assembly factory is inseparable from the sincere cooperation and development of all members of the company.

Since its establishment 17 years ago, Qiancheng Electronics has also witnessed the company's cohesion and quality awareness. Customers can rest assured.

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