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What is the impact of PCB on PCBA processing quality

What is the impact of PCB on PCBA processing quality
The process of PCBA manufacturing and processing is more complicated. Although it seems that there is only one word difference between PCBA processing and PCB, the actual difference is far. PCBA needs to perform a series of back-end processes on the PCB, such as: SPI inspection SMT processing, reflow soldering, DIP plug-in post soldering, solder paste printing, wave soldering, PCBA first piece inspection, etc. These processes are not available in PCBs.


The following processes are all based on the operations on the PCB board, so the quality of the PCB board is very important. It determines the quality of the entire PCBA. Then which aspects of the PCB have an impact on the PCBA. Let's talk together.


1. Dirty board surface

Dirty board surface is mainly caused by high flux solid content, excessive coating amount, too high or too low preheating temperature, or too dirty PCB clamping claws of the conveyor belt, excessive oxides and tin dross in the solder tank, etc. .

The main solution is to select the appropriate flux; control the amount of flux coating; control the preheating temperature; check the cleaning effect of the automatic cleaning of the PCB clamping jaws and take measures; timely clean the oxide and tin slag on the surface of the solder tank.


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Second, the white line leftover

The white residue is commonly known as hoarfrost. Although it does not affect the surface insulation resistance, the customer does not accept it.

Solution: first use flux, then wash with solvent; if it can’t be cleaned, it may be due to the flux expired and aging, or exposed to the air to absorb moisture, or it may be due to the high moisture content in the cleaning agent (solvent), or the flux If it does not match the cleaning agent, please ask the supplier to help solve or replace the flux and cleaning agent.

Three, PCB deformation

PCB deformation is mainly caused by the large-scale PCB quality or the uneven layout of components

When designing the PCB, try to make the components evenly distributed, and design the support belt in the middle of the large-size PCB (design a 2~3mm wide non-placement area); or use a mass-balanced tool to press on the PCB where the components are scarce, and realize it during soldering Mass balance.
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