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PCB factory shares how masters solder SMT chips

PCB factory shares how masters solder SMT chips
We are a professional smt factory, so in the factory you will see some powerful technicians welding the products very beautifully, how do these masters do it? Today, the pcb factory will share how the masters solder SMT chips.


First of all, if you want to weld beautiful objects, you must have a welding station that you can use very handily. Although we are talking about welding technology, we have to talk about welding tools when talking about welding technology.

Those of us who are engaged in electronics must have seen many brands of soldering stations, and there are only a few common soldering heads: one kind of pointed tip, one kind of oval tip, and the other kind is flat.


The first method: fix one pin of the chip with solder, and then solder them in sequence. This method can be used to solder chips with not very dense pins;


pcb board

The second method: fix the two pins of the chip with solder, and then solder them in sequence. This method is also used to solder chips that are not very dense, but I think this method is more convenient and faster than the first one;


The third method: first fix the chip with tape, and then fix the 2 feet at the right angle position with solder.


From the above we can see that the chip pins are denser. This soldering method is mainly used for soldering chips with dense pins. Therefore, after fixing the chip, add flux to the pins and then solder, otherwise it is easy to connect tin.


It should be noted that before fixing a chip with more pins, you must check that the pin position is correct. When soldering a chip with pins on all four sides for the first time, if you don’t know the location of pin 1, just solder it. Misplaced, that's really an iron lesson!


Of course, this method can also be used for chips that are not densely pinned, but it is not necessary to put flux.


There are several precautions during the welding process:

1. The temperature of the soldering station should be well controlled. Too high temperature may damage the pad, and too low temperature solder is not easy to melt;

2. Before soldering, please clean the pad with an alcohol-coated rag, because the surface of the pad may be oxidized, especially the board that has been placed for a long time after proofing;

3. Clean the soldering joints with solder paste to prevent the soldering joints from being oxidized and to make it easier to solder;

4. After soldering, remember to wash the board with washing water, the surface of the board will be cleaner, and the pins will look as bright as the picture;

5. The most important point, remember to turn off the soldering station after soldering!


In summary, this is how the pcb factory shares how masters solder SMT chips. Later, I will talk about some things that need to be paid attention to during the soldering process. The above factory editor told you how to manually solder SMT chips. Of course everyone It's not going to happen at a glance, you still need to practice more by yourself.