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Tell you what are the PCB design skills?

Tell you what are the PCB design skills?
At present, the country has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection and greater efforts in link governance. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for PCB factories. If PCB factories are determined to solve the problem of environmental pollution, then FPC flexible circuit board products can be at the forefront of the market, and PCB factories can get opportunities for further development.
1. How to add libraries from the original tango in protel99 (such as TTL.LIB/COMS.LIB, etc.)
The method of adding a library in protel99: Import what you want to add in your own ddb file (the current project file or another one specially built for this library). lib file, and then add the one that has just been added in the "add/move" dialog box of the "browse liberary" box of the schematic editing environment. ddb file, you can find the added library after selecting ok. But the libraries in tango you mentioned are in the "protel dos schemetic liberarys.ddb" file of peotel99, no need to add, the above method can be used to add libraries provided by yourself or your partners


2. GERBER has two formats:


RS274D contains XY DATA, but does not contain D-CODE files. Customers should provide corresponding D-CODE files.

RS274X contains XY DATA, and D-CODE is also defined in this file.

D-CODE file (APERTURE LIST) is ASC Ⅱ text format, which defines the size, shape and exposure mode of D-CODE



3. Why is the PCB file designed by the DOS version of Protel software not the full picture when it is transferred to my computer?


Many old electronic engineers have encountered this problem when they first started to draw PCB circuit diagrams with computers. Is it because my computer has insufficient memory? But why do the graphics on the screen still lack arms and legs? Yes, there is a problem with the memory configuration. You only need to add the following lines to your CONFIG.SYS file (this file is in the C: root directory, if not, create one), save and exit and restart the computer. .






pcb board

4. Why should PCB files be converted to GERBER files and drilling data and then submitted to the PCB factory?


Most engineers are accustomed to designing the PCB files and sending them directly to the PCB factory for processing. The internationally popular method is to convert the PCB files into GERBER files and drilling data and then submit them to the PCB factory.


Because electronic engineers and PCB engineers have different understanding of PCB, the GERBER file converted by the PCB factory may not be what you want. For example, you define the parameters of the components in the PCB file when you design, and you don’t want these parameters to be displayed. On the finished PCB, you did not explain, the PCB factory left these parameters on the finished PCB. This is just an example. If you convert the PCB file into a GERBER file, you can avoid such incidents.


The GERBER file is an international standard gerber file format. It contains two formats: RS-274-D and RS-274-X. RS-274-D is called the basic GERBER format, and it must be accompanied by a D code file. Describe a picture completely; RS-274-X is called the extended GERBER format, which itself contains D code information. Commonly used CAD software can generate these two format files.


How to check the correctness of the generated GERBER? You only need to import these GERBER files and D code files in the free software Viewmate V6.3, and then you can see them on the screen or print them out through the printer.


Drilling data can also be generated by various CAD software, the general format is Excellon, which can also be displayed in Viewmate. Of course, PCB can't be made without drilling data.


5. How to add Chinese characters in PCB files?


There are many ways to add Chinese characters to PCB files. My favorite method is the one I will introduce below:


A. Prerequisite: Protel99 software should be installed in your PC and can run normally.


B. Steps: Copy the client99.rcs English menu file in the windows directory to another directory and save it; After downloading Protel99cn.zip and unpacking, copy client99.rcs to the windows directory; then copy other files to D In the esign Explorer 99 directory; after restarting the computer, run Protel99 and the Chinese menu will appear, and the function of adding Chinese characters can be realized in the Place|Chinese Characters menu.

Six, about the problem of reading gerber files into protel


Regarding the problem of reading v2001 gerber into protel, I have tried but the converted picture is incomplete. I have a suggestion. You can use cam350 to read v2001 gerber-x format and then output tangopro format, and use protel98 to read in. See if it is successful, cam350 has this function, or use cam350 to convert to dxf format and then use protel98 to read it to see if it is feasible. In addition, regarding the v2001 reading format, I have tried reading, but most pads use 2 :3 inch system and 2:4 inch system are also useful in 3:3 metric system. I used the DOS version of pads to draw the circuit diagram. My setting is 3:3 metric system and the drilling setting is 2:4 inch system.
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