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Introduction to power integrity tools for high-end PCB design

HyperLynx PI (Power Integrity) products meet the needs of high-end designers in the industry for high-performance electronic products. HyperLynx PI products not only provide simple and easy-to-learn, convenient operation, and accurate analysis, so that team members can design a feasible power supply system; at the same time, it shortens the design cycle, reduces prototype generation, repetitive manufacturing, and reduces product costs accordingly.

With the emergence of various high-performance/high-density/high-pin-count integrated circuits today, the design of transmission systems increasingly requires close cooperation between engineers and layout designers to ensure that they can be integrated into the IC through numerous PCB power and ground structures. Provide pure and sufficient power. In conjunction with the previously launched HyperLynx signal integrity (SI) analysis and confirmation of product components, Mentor Graphics currently provides users with high-performance electronic product designs that are the most comprehensive and practical solutions in the industry.

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Dr. Eric Bogatin, President of Bogatin Enterprises, the world’s leading supplier of signal and power integrity training, said: “In the field of electronic products today, power integrity design is an unavoidable problem. Not only must the efficiency be maximized, but also the excessive The increased cost of the design. With the product’s noise tolerance, impedance target, and split plane issues, the power distribution system (PDN) of each product is customized. When designing a power transmission system, HyperLynx PI can Help engineers formulate more cost-effective design principles, and provide answers to various important "hypothetical" design questions that may occur early in the design cycle, avoiding costly production and then testing rational routine operations. Mentor Graphics in HyperLynx PI products The PCB design process used in China provides users with the best combination of accuracy, ease of operation, and transparency and integrity. With these properties, engineers can open the market in the fastest way with the most cost-effective and best-performing products. , While avoiding expensive and time-consuming prototyping and redesigns."

The current trend of products that continue to develop towards low power consumption has prompted high-performance ICs to adopt multiple voltage levels-some extremely low. Due to the lower voltage, the DC power and noise margins are very small. This requires the establishment of many power supply structures on the PCB, as well as a very pure power supply. The first task is to define the power and ground separation layer to avoid excessive current density and DC voltage drop. HyperLynx PI products can provide pre- and post-analysis of abnormal power ground layer structure including actual IC pins and models. The analysis results are divided into two categories: video and text, allowing designers to quickly determine and solve power and/or ground plane structure problems.

The second is to provide power integrity or noise-free power. The designer needs the number and location of decoupling capacitors, the purpose of which is to avoid too conservative (or excessive) use of bypass capacitors to save component costs and circuit board area. The designer Kenneng also hopes that PCB manufacturing materials and stacks will undergo many experiments to find the most cost-effective power solution. HyperLynx PI products provide accurate power integrity analysis, allowing designers to determine the optimal number, location, and value of decoupling capacitors. With the above information, the designer can achieve the power supply structure layout of "one design is successful" and the power integrity design of placing the decoupling capacitors to achieve a one-time success.