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PCB puzzle knowledge

 Except that large single-chip circuit boards cannot be spliced, usually the shipping method of circuit board manufacturers is PCB splicing. However, the specific parameters such as the way of boarding the PCB and the number of boards need to be determined by comprehensive consideration of many factors when the PCB production is completed. Since the original FR4 raw material was a square standard board, it would cause huge waste if it was cut directly instead of using jigsaw. The main purpose of jigsaw is to save production time and produce materials more effectively and use machinery and equipment more effectively, effectively use the area of the board, and reduce unnecessary cost waste.

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   The outer frame of the PCB jigsaw should also be carefully considered to ensure that the PCB will not be deformed after being fixed on the fixture. Generally, it is not allowed to open a V groove on the outer frame of the PCB. For the layout of components, it is necessary to ensure that all orientations are consistent, and there should be no situations that affect the V-cutting process such as mirroring, which will cause problems in the coordinate positioning of the processing and cannot be accurately assembled. There should be no connectors extending between the outer frame of the jigsaw panel and the inner small board, and between the small board and the small board. If this situation exists, it will prevent the tool from dividing the board after the welding is completed. In order to ensure the position and level of the detection board, we need to set more than three positioning points on the edge of the board. By optically detecting these three points, the reference coordinates of the entire puzzle processing and the levelness of the PCB can be obtained.

So how many unit boards should be included in a jigsaw? What Old Chen wants to tell everyone is that this quantity problem is determined by the PCB design engineer according to the actual situation of each PCB. In principle, the more the number, the better. The more, the shorter the transmission loss time of a single PCB on the track, and the higher the utilization rate of the equipment. At the same time, the more the number of panels, the higher the utilization rate of materials used in PCB manufacturing, and the cost will be reduced accordingly. However, there is a limit to the number of puzzles. Some PCBs may increase with the increase in the number of panels, and the material cost of the unit board will increase. This is mainly due to the limitation of the equipment capacity of the PCB manufacturer. Our common methods generally include ABAB or AAAA. Which method is used to join the board needs to consider the density and distribution of the electronic components on the PCB board and the equipment configuration to determine it, so no matter which method of boarding is used, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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