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Current status of PCB copy board in my country

When carrying out copying business, it may be relatively mature in circumventing intellectual property issues, but for most small copying board companies, they are not doing enough to protect the intellectual property rights of the original right holders, which may easily lead to intellectual property disputes. We can roughly divide the copying behavior in the industry into the following three types:

1. Copying boards purely for the purpose of manufacturing and sales

This kind of board copying behavior originates from some PCB manufacturers that do not have enough capacity to carry out R&D and design. Their goal is to pursue direct economic benefits. After clarifying the functions of the PCBs they need to produce, they search for PCBs with the same or similar functions in the market as much as possible, copy the boards through the circuit boards, and obtain the technical information of these PCBs, including the wiring design, and then directly Guide the production of related PCB boards based on these wiring designs, and even apply the wiring design of others to your own PCB board intact during the production process of the PCB board. This kind of simple copy copying behavior is not uncommon in the industry, because at the time when counterfeit electronic products are rampant, "counterfeit" PCB boards have market space for their existence.

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2. Part of the original design copy board

The cleverness of this copying behavior lies in its concealment. It is different from the first copying behavior for complete copying. This copying behavior is based on obtaining the original PCB wiring design and extracts the original design. Modules with specific functions are then added to some conventional designs to realize some auxiliary functions, and then form a new PCB wiring design. This formally avoids the intellectual property risk caused by complete copying for direct production, but in the final analysis, This copying behavior is also undesirable.

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3. Copy board for secondary development based on original design

This kind of board copying behavior refers to the analysis of design ideas and structural features of existing PCB products to obtain valuable technical information, provide reliable data for the development and design of new PCB products, and help design units keep up to date in time The development trend of technology and timely adjustment of PCB product design plans, so as to develop the most market-competitive new products to meet the needs of consumers for the rapid update of electronic products. The board copying behavior based on the above-mentioned ideas requires high technical and economic strength. In the current market, only those fairly mature circuit board copying companies can do it in practice. This type of board copying behavior will form a new PCB wiring design on the basis of the original design, and thus have its own intellectual property results.

The third is the future development direction of the copy board industry, but the first and second copy board behaviors still occupy a huge market space.