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PCB copy board: constant strain, only fast but not broken

The technique of constant contingency is often mentioned in martial arts novels, alluding to a Goldman Sachs mentality of martial arts. However, in real life, PCB copying technology can also "with the same change", and how does it do it? This article is explained in detail by Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd.

Unchanging strain, each has its own strengths

As we all know, PCB copying is imitating, copying, and cloning. Although the "unchanged" rule can be fulfilled under the existing products, how to deal with the ever-changing market demand changes? It is understood that the PCB copy board concept has now been extended in a wider range, including some encryption chip decryption on the board, IC design, PCB schematic reverse push, BOM list production, PCB design, board modification, software and hardware secondary Development and other technical concepts. This makes the PCB copy board have its own strengths in various fields. After the engineers copy the board, they can fully inspire their own inspiration or customize according to the function, and carry out the secondary development, improvement and upgrade or redesign of the product.

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Concentrate on the advantages, do deep and fine

Celebrities such as Ma Yun, Zhang Chaoyang, Niu Gen and so on all believe in "do only one thing in your life" because they believe that only one thing is the most likely to be done well, and this kind of spirit is also needed to do PCB copy board. It is understood that Zhilian Technology’s PCB copy board service provides customers with focused services in product selection, technical parameters, alternatives, and product stocking, especially focusing on the innovation of a certain functional device of the customer’s product, and deep and detailed service advantages. , Integrating resources into a point of concentration of advantages and key breakthroughs, and continuously deep accumulation and precipitation in the industry, to build its own core competitiveness in the supply chain value service system!

Two-pronged approach, only fast and not broken

In a conversation with the author of "Digital Survival", Lin Jun, the founder of Leifeng.com, once euphemistically explained what copying is: "digest, absorb and innovate". Copy board and innovation "walk on two legs", two-pronged approach. As we all know, the hardware manufacturing industry is a particularly centralized thing, which is extremely dependent on the supply chain, and the product cycle is very long, which causes it to lag behind the market demand. Products are produced in 6 to 12 months, and user needs have long changed. Copying boards and innovation can shorten the development cycle to a great extent. The people of Shenzhen can make things that users like in one week and give them to users cheaply. In theory, copying the board and then innovating shortens the entire hardware manufacturing industry process and cycle.

It can be seen from this that if PCB copy board manufacturers want to break through the high-tech electronics market, truly go to the market, achieve sustainable development, clarify the positioning of PCB copy board, find the market entry point, go into market segmentation, optimize product functions, and copy board again. Innovative thinking is the key. This is also the best footnote of the development model of modern high-tech electronic products and a powerful interpretation of achieving sustainable development.