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Can characters be removed during pcb proofing?

The purpose of pcb board proofing processing is to copy the chip technology of others for use in their own products, improve the performance and use effect of their own products, and bring more benefits and praise to the enterprise. However, there are a lot of things that need to be paid attention to in the PCB proofing process, such as whether the characters should be removed. Regarding this issue, the editor specially compiled relevant information for your reference, and interested friends can take a look.

In the PCB proofing process, you will find that there will be some different silk screen characters on the PCB. These characters are actually the product materials, production information, product process and other labels when the PCB is printed, which are used to understand the PCB during maintenance. Structure. At the same time, the existence of characters can also standardize PCB design, making it convenient for designers to solder them and identify the components on them. Therefore, the characters are very important to the PCB board. Under the premise of no special circumstances, it is not recommended to change or remove the above characters at will. So, is it that the characters must not be removed?

PCB board

pcb board

This is of course negative. It is often necessary to remove the characters during the proofing process in the pcb factory, because although the characters can be recognized, they will also bring certain obstacles to the proofing, so they need to be removed before marking. There are many ways to remove characters on the PCB, such as:

1. The most common and commonly used method is road scraping, that is, use a knife to remove the characters on the PCB board. Although it sounds simple, the actual operation difficulty is not small, especially the strength, blade size, etc. need to be moderate, otherwise it will not only be unable to effectively remove the characters, but may also damage the circuit board. 2. Apply green oil after ammonia water or spray fonts with spray paint. These two methods are relatively simple, as long as you pay attention to the intensity of spraying. The methods of polishing and labeling are also commonly used by PCB board designers, but the conditions are different, the methods used are different, and the results are the same.

However, it is impossible to remove the entire block of characters on the PCB board. Not only does it take a long time, but it may also be imperfect, leaving other problems. Therefore, pay special attention to the proofing process of the pcb board, try to select some characters to eliminate, so that only a small blade is required to scrape it, which is faster and easier.

In special circumstances, if you want to remove the entire ink character and reprint it, it will inevitably damage the solder resist ink. In this way, the designer must remove the entire character and ink, and then re-paint the solder resist ink and character. Although the process is troublesome, the effect is the best.

Regarding whether the pcb manufacturer should remove the characters during the PCB proofing process, if it is really necessary, it is also very good to remove it, which is more trouble-free. If it is not necessary, then use a suitable method to remove the characters that need to be removed, and then perform other maintenance operations on the circuit board to prevent it from being damaged.