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PCB circuit board production industry
PCB Tech
PCB circuit board production industry

PCB circuit board production industry


   Internet of Things, an emerging market with potential---PCB production industry.

   In fact, the concept of the Internet of Things has a long history. As early as 2005, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) issued the "ITU Internet Report 2005: Internet of Things", which officially gave birth to the concept of the "Internet of Things". Internet of Things (IOT, Internet of Things), also known as "sensor network", refers to a network formed by combining various items with the Internet and communication networks through sensor equipment, with the purpose of facilitating computer identification and management.

  The main products and technologies involved in the Internet of Things include sensors, RFID, the Internet (including mobile Internet), IPv6, etc. In fact, with the rapid development of the Internet, these related products and technologies have been developed in their own fields. With the advent of the 3G era, operators are struggling to promote 3G networks to users and promote mobile Internet-related applications. Obviously, the Internet of Things model is also one of the very typical applications. In fact, Datang Telecom, Eastcom Peace and Changjiang Electronics Technology are not closely related to the Internet of Things, and more of them are still conceptual.

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   In fact, many technologies of the Internet of Things have already been subtly applied in daily life. Therefore, technology is not the key to the Internet of Things, and in the context of the country's vigorous efforts to promote the construction of the Internet of Things, the policy advantages are more obvious and important. With the introduction of the country's new round of economic stimulus plans and the clarification of the seven new industries, the Internet of Things has allowed more companies to see new development opportunities. Although the Internet of Things in China is still in its infancy, the market applications have not really been opened, and there will be no qualitative changes in the short term, but its prospects are beyond doubt. If you seize the market early, you can win the opportunity first.

  The Internet of Things in the PCB industry has quietly begun

   From the data currently displayed, 91.7% of PCB companies choose to believe in the traditional PCB production, sales, operation, and management model, while most people choose to doubt and reject the Internet. In fact, many companies have already tried the water first and combined PCB with the Internet, which not only realized the full automation of engineering operations, but also introduced new ideas in sales and management, with remarkable results.

    In view of the low efficiency of the traditional business process of the PCB industry, from Gerber review to completion of the quotation, the efficiency is low and the input cost is high. Baineng innovatively launched a business process (BPM) system, which uses the world's leading intelligent artificial simulation technology on the basis of full analysis of traditional business processes, tailored for all suppliers, and focuses on controlling PCB transactions. All business activities before. The BPM system includes automatic review, intelligent search, automatic quotation, business opportunity management, customer behavior analysis, and information service center. Finally, it helps the supplier to realize the intelligent management of the new business process.

"The plan is to build Baineng into an international offshore procurement center with China's advantages. This not only conforms to the development trend of the Internet, but also provides new ideas for the information development of the PCB industry. Smart Earth, China will be important On the other side, as a big country in the PCB industry, what more companies need in the future is to change their concepts and truly integrate into the Internet era.