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Five mainstream PCB software comparison
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Five mainstream PCB software comparison

Five mainstream PCB software comparison



Now push the AltiumDesigner. Domestic low-end design of the mainstream, the foreign basic no one use. Easy to learn, suitable for beginners, easy to start; Occupying more system resources, higher requirements for computer configuration.
People who use Protel in China still have a considerable market, after all, the hardware circuit design of small and medium-sized companies is still in the majority of low-end.

Mentor EE

Mentor company PCB design tools, design experience of the Expedition design thought, most of the hardware engineer, PCB design are the most used protel, therefore unconsciously when use Expedition to do PCB design will be comparing the two design ideas, in essence, there is no difference, both are symbols encapsulation interconnection relations, but in concrete form, Expedition more detailed than protel.

Mentor WG

Less than CADENCE, but still a top level tool, for high-end circuit design, also has its own simulation tools.It's just that there are relatively few domestic support providers, not as many as Cadence.I won't mention the others. They are used by very few people.If you don't make high-speed pads, try using them because they're relatively easy to learn.If high-speed boards are often made, it is suggested that Cadence and MENTOR EE should be chosen. The other one is that Cadence and MENTOR EE are often used for high-speed boards in China.In addition, because of the popularity, so the people who study words communicate more.Many large companies use it, and salaries for Protel and Cadence Allegro are not the same.

Cadence Allegro

The actual industrial standards of high-speed plate design are superior in every respect.PCB Layout tool is absolutely first-class, a little familiar with it will no longer want to use other tools, routing super cool.Simulation is also very cattle, have their own simulation tools, signal integrity simulation, power integrity simulation can do.In making PCB high - speed board firmly occupy the dominant position.You know, 60% of computer motherboards in the world and 40% of mobile phone motherboards are Allegro!

Mentor Pads

Many people use PADS, which are easy to use and easy to use. They feel infinitely better than Protel.Suitable for middle and high-end design, can be called the king of middle and middle.It is now the most widely used in the world