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Material type selection for PCB production

What types of PCB are available? The simple explanation of PCB production is to make samples according to the requirements. ipcb, let's take a look at what types of PCB production are available.

PCB production

What types of PCB are available? The following types are available for PCB production:

Type 1: single / double sided PCB

Single sided PCB is printing and wiring on one side of the board, while double-sided PCB is on both sides of the board. Professional PCB production companies will use high-quality calendered copper foil as the conductive graphic layer on the insulation substrate surface when making this type of circuit board for customers, and the covering film can protect single and double-sided wires and indicate the location of components.

Type 2: Multilayer PCB

If customers have high requirements for PCB, they can also choose multi-layer circuit board when making PCB. This type of circuit board is to press three or more layers of single and double-sided circuit layers together, then drill and electroplate to form metallized holes, and form conductive paths between different layers. In addition, the multi-layer circuit board does not need to use complex welding process.

Type 3: mixed structure PCB

Although the mixed structure type of circuit is also multi-layer structure, its conductive layer is composed of different metals. In addition to the different dielectric materials of the inner and outer layers, when making PCB circuit boards, leads will be extended from three different directions of the main board, and each lead is made of different metals. If the customer's circuit board is applied in the low temperature condition with harsh electrical performance, this type can be used for proofing.

In PCB production, although there are many different types of PCB to choose, but due to the different characteristics of each type of PCB, and the required cost of PCB production is not the same, so in the need for PCB production, enterprises should not only find a good reputation of PCB manufacturers, but also choose the best PCB production type.