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How to remove the IC chip from the PCB board
PCB Tech
How to remove the IC chip from the PCB board

How to remove the IC chip from the PCB board


How to remove the IC chip from the PCB is introduced as follows:

In order to fully maintain the circuit, it is usually necessary to assemble the PCB from the integrated circuit. Due to the integration and dense multi-pin, assembly is very difficult, and sometimes IC and PCB boards are damaged. The following is a summary of some useful integrated circuit assembly methods for your reference.

Multi-strand copper-tin suction method: plastic is to use multi-strand copper wire, remove the plastic skin, and use multi-strand copper wire (can be used for short ends). The rosin alcohol solution first uses multiple strands of copper wire. The electric soldering iron pot puts multiple strands of copper wire on the needle heating manifold, so that the electric soldering needle absorbs the copper, and the solder can be cut after partial absorption. It can be repeated many times to realize all needle suction. It may also be necessary to use shielded wire braiding internally. Simply use a screwdriver to gently pry the tweezers or tweezers or the small "a" to remove the manifold.

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Growing solder ablation assembly method: This method is a simple method. It is only necessary to assemble the manifold on the welding needles, and then connect each welding needle connector with a longer length, which is convenient for heat transfer and assembly. Use a heated soldering iron needle, pointed tweezers or a small "a" screwdriver to pry out each part, and the two rows of pins are rotated and heated until they are removed. Under normal conditions, the pins are heated twice and each column can be removed.

Electric soldering iron brush assembly method: simple and convenient, only a soldering iron and a small brush are required. When the first electric iron heats the manifold assembly for sintering until the temperature reaches the molten solder pin, the brush is used to clean the molten solder. This will separate the manifold pins PCB. This method can be divided into foot implementation and implementation columns. Use end tweezers or a small "a" screwdriver to pry off the manifold.

Medical hollow needle assembly method: The number of medical hollow needles is 8-12. When using the needle, the inner classic just grabbed the manifold needle. When assembling a molten electrode with a soldering iron, grab the electrode with the electrode in time, then remove the electrode, rotate the electrode, condense the weld, and pull out the electrode. Separate the pins on the printed circuit board from the whole. After the manifold can be disassembled at will, all pins can be executed again.

The assembly method commonly used in PCB factories for soldering: using a soldering manifold assembly, which is a common professional method. Use ordinary tools to suck and solder two electric soldering irons with a power greater than 35W. During the assembly of the manifold, only the two heated soldering iron tips are connected to the assembly pins of the manifold. After the ablated tin is sucked into the joint, the soldering needle after absorbing all the manifolds can be removed.