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How to use Protel in PCB design.

Multisim has a super board level analog / digital circuit board design work. It includes the graphic input of circuit schematic diagram and the input mode of circuit hardware description language, which has rich simulation and analysis ability. The high version can be used for MCU simulation. Multisim has actual components and virtual components. The fundamental difference between them is: one is the components corresponding to the model, parameter value and package of the actual components. Selecting such devices in the design can not only make the design simulation and the actual situation have a good correspondence, but also can directly export the design to the utiboard for PCB design; virtual components It can only be used for circuit simulation.

Protel's high version Altium designer is an industry model and a complete board level design solution. It is the first product in the industry that integrates the design process, integrated PCB design, programmable device (such as FPGA) design and embedded software development function based on processor design. It is a solution for PCB and FPGA design and embedded design at the same time. It has all the functions required to transform the design scheme from concept to final product. Main purpose: schematic input design PCB board.

Protel in PCB design

Protel in PCB design

How to use Protel in PCB design

Proteus has analog circuit simulation, digital circuit simulation, system simulation composed of single chip microcomputer and its peripheral circuit, and RS-232 dynamic simulation.

C debugger, SPI debugger, keyboard and LCD system simulation function; there are various virtual instruments, such as oscilloscope, logic analyzer, signal generator, etc.

At present, there are 68000 series, 8051 series, AVR series, pic12 series, PIC16 series, PIC18 series, Z80 series, HC11 series and various peripheral chips.

Support a large number of memory and peripheral chips.

It can be summarized as follows:

Multisim can simulate complex analog / digital circuit, simple PCB design and simple MCU simulation

Protel can carry out simple analog / digital circuit simulation and powerful PCB design

Proteus can simulate the analog / digital circuit, MCU and arm intuitively. We can also design simple PCB board.

Using navigation:

Multisim is used for detailed simulation of analog / digital circuits;

Protel is used for PCB design;

In order to simulate single chip microcomputer, proteus can be used to simulate 51 series single chip microcomputer by using keil c and Proteus