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What are the factors that affect PCB quality?
PCB Tech
What are the factors that affect PCB quality?

What are the factors that affect PCB quality?


With the rapid development of the electronic product industry, circuit boards are the main components of electronic products, and the rapid development of the PCB circuit board industry is brought about by the rapid development of the PCB industry. The competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce. Many PCB circuit board manufacturers are trying to control the market. In order to occupy the market’s first opportunity, we have adopted various methods to save the cost in the production process of circuit boards. As many circuit board manufacturers are unscrupulous in order to reduce costs, they often neglect the quality of the circuit boards. Let me share with you some internal details and even confidential things in the circuit board industry, so that you can make the right choice when choosing a circuit board manufacturer.

The working process of the circuit board is often accompanied by some problems, such as the falling off of the green oil, the open circuit of the circuit board, the separation of the pad, and the occurrence of the circuit board circuit open circuit. These situations of circuit boards are mainly caused by the fact that the circuit board manufacturers are not responsible for the use of inferior raw materials, the backward production process, the technical substandard of the process, the loose management, the backward production process and other related reasons.

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1. The production process technology is not good enough

Inadequate production technology is generally found in small factories, the main reason is because of financial problems. We all know that as a high-tech electronic product, the circuit board involves a lot of high-tech production processes, mechanics, electroplating, chemical engineering and other related academic knowledge in the production process of the circuit board. The circuit board is in the production process. The process of the product is also relatively complicated. Each process of the product must be produced in accordance with strict process requirements. At the same time, it is also necessary to be equipped with some professional inspection equipment to check whether the product is qualified.

2. Production equipment

The backward production equipment of PCB circuit board has such a problem for some small manufacturers. Circuit board equipment is to ensure the quality of the circuit board from the hardware, increase the investment on the equipment, and make the equipment efficient. Fast is the basic way to improve the quality of the circuit board. With the improvement of technology, circuit equipment is getting faster and faster, and the equipment is getting more and more advanced. Of course, the price is getting more and more expensive. This leads to small circuit board factories unable to add more expensive production equipment, which leads to an increasing demand for personnel. The management difficulty of the circuit board factory will be greatly increased.

3. Poor quality of raw materials

The quality of the raw materials is the guarantee of the quality of the PCB circuit board. If the material is not good, even if the craftsmanship is good, the produced circuit board will have cracks, delamination, bubbles and other related problems. Now there are many hidden circuits. In order to reduce costs, board manufacturers use half of the genuine new materials and half of the discarded old materials. The hidden danger of this is that you don't know which batch will have problems. Because the characteristics of circuit boards are different, some circuit boards have higher quality requirements. Therefore, some side materials used in this kind of occasions do not show obvious problems. This allows many manufacturers to taste the sweetness, and at the same time wins the preference of customers because the price is lower than the average price of the market. It also encouraged the circuit board factory to continue to take such risks. In the long run, if there is a substrate problem that leads to quality problems in the finished product, it is often a huge loss, and sometimes it is impossible to restore the company's reputation and brand.

4. Management department is chaotic

The production process procedures involved in the PCB production process are relatively complex, and the general cycle is long. How can we better control the program management of the production process, and at the same time, it is necessary to minimize the management cost. This is for circuit board manufacturers It is a relatively difficult problem to solve. To solve these problems well, it needs the accumulation of long-term experience of circuit board manufacturers. With the rapid development of the Internet, management departments also need to use network information methods to deal with traditional circuit boards. The factory conducts scientific management.