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First of all, why the PCB surface should be treated in a special way?
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First of all, why the PCB surface should be treated in a special way?

Because copper is easy to oxidize in the air, the oxide layer of copper has a great impact on the welding. It is easy to form false soldering and false soldering, which may cause the solder pad and components unable to be welded. Therefore, during the production and manufacturing of PCB, there will be a process, coating (plating) a layer of material on the pad surface to protect the pad from oxidation.

Surface Immersion Gold PCB

Surface Immersion Gold PCB

At present, domestic PCB surface treatment processes include: HASL (hot air leveling), tin deposition, silver deposition, OSP (oxidation resistance), ENIG, electroplating, etc. of course, there will be some special PCB surface treatment processes in special applications.

Compared with different PCB surface treatment processes, their costs are different. Of course, the occasions used are also different. Only the right ones are selected, not the expensive ones. At present, there is no perfect PCB surface treatment process that can be suitable for all application scenarios (here is the cost performance ratio, that is, all PCB application scenarios can be met at the lowest price). Therefore, there are so many processes for us to choose, Of course, each process has its own advantages and disadvantages. What exists is reasonable. The key is that we should know them and make good use of them.