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Choose a PCBA package manufacturer

Choose a PCBA package manufacturer


Choosing a suitable PCBA contract labor and material manufacturer should include various possible factors into the evaluation, comprehensively consider the supplier's technology, management, and service level, to ensure that the quality of the PCBA service is guaranteed, and the benefit is maximized, which lays a good foundation for the subsequent production of electronic products. Base.

1. The cleanliness of PCBA board surface

The cleanliness of the PCBA board surface is very important. The tin dross and flux from manual soldering remain on the PCBA surface, which will bring potential risks to the use of electronic products. Therefore, PCB processing manufacturers are required to perform professional ultrasonic cleaning on the PCB surface and prevent the surface of the PCB from being polluted by dust and hands.

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2. The reliability of PCBA components welding

The welding quality of PCB circuit boards and components directly determines the service life of electronic modules. In the use of electronic products, it is often accompanied by heat radiation, drop, oxidation of circuit boards, and overload use. Therefore, when purchasing, we should pay special attention to the welding quality of PCBA to avoid subsequent circuit board device de-soldering and product failure. In addition, whether to use genuine and brand original components for PCBA mounting will have a great impact on the quality of electronic products. Although some processing factories have low processing fees, they use second-hand or counterfeit components in the production process to control costs. This causes sudden damage and failure of the components when the product is used. The same is true for PCB circuit boards. The stress and heat factors of PCB are taken into consideration in advance. When PCBA is purchased, key indicators are strictly tested.

3. PCBA aging test performance report

Mass purchase requires strict aging test performance analysis. Under extreme conditions of use, test the stability and reliability of the PCBA board. Many companies do not perform performance evaluation in order to save costs. As a result, the product defect rate is too high, causing greater losses. Therefore, when purchasing batches of PCBAs, aging tests must be performed on the products, and suppliers are required to provide aging test performance reports.

4. PCBA assembly process management

The assembly process of the PCBA board, the housing and the packaging is also very important. If the assembly is not handled properly, it will also cause damage to the tested PCBA board. The assembly process of the PCBA processing plant requires strict operating specifications and assembly according to standard procedures.

5. After-sales service capabilities of PCBA labor and materials manufacturers

When choosing a PCBA contract manufacturer, it is also very important to evaluate the supplier's after-sales service capability. A wise man must make a mistake when he thinks about it. With the deepening of mass manufacturing, undesirable phenomena will definitely occur. At this time, the ability of PCBA manufacturers to respond quickly and cooperate in a timely manner is particularly important. When choosing a manufacturer, it is necessary to evaluate the manufacturer’s service capabilities in many ways. You can infer its service level by understanding its official website, company culture, etc.