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IS410, 370HR, IT180A, S1170 performance comparison
isola is410, isola 370hr, iteq it180a, shengyi s1170 performance comparison of four PCB materials
ProjectTesting methodUnititeq it180aisola is410isola 370hrshengyi s1170
Td  5%LossTGA340350350335
CTE @1TMAppm45654555
Moisture AbsorptionIPC-TM650-
Peel Strength,IPC-TM650-2.4.8N/mm1.572.573.571.45
IPC -4101B Spec / /9912499124
The four materials are all high Tg materials of PN curing system. Among them, isola is410 and shengyi s1170 materials are not filled with inorganic fillers, while iteq it180a and isola 370hr materials are filled with inorganic fillers, thereby reducing the brittleness of the material and improving the material toughness.

Main considerations for PCB material selection

1. PCB fabrication manufacturability;

2. Timely availability of PCB materials;

3. PCB cost factors;

4. Applicability of laws and regulations, etc.;

Considering the above factors specifically involves the following aspects:

1. Tg value (the glass transition point temperature of the material); (consideration of "lead-free" compatibility)

2. Td value or T260, T288 (the thermal decomposition temperature of the material); (considering "lead-free" compatibility)

3. Er value and Tanδ (Dk and Df) (dielectric loss and dielectric loss tangent);

4. Halogen content (whether it is a halogen-free material);

6. Other considerations: CAF (anode conductive wire), IST, Q1000, UL grade, CTI (tracking index), water absorption, etc.

Common substitutes for materials whose Tg value is the focus

Ordinary Tg: S1141; S6018 (RCC)

2. Medium Tg: IT158; S1000; all are "lead-free" compatible materials;

3. Tg 170-180:

      S1141 170: Has been converted to S1170 as a whole, and will not be used gradually;

      S1170: Tg 170-180 material currently in mainstream use;

      S1000-2: Tg 170-180 material with high Td; further upgrade of S1170;

      IT180: performance is close to S1000-2;

      FR-406: ISOLA company product; performance is close to S1141 170;

      PCL-370HR: ISOLA company product; best performance;

      N4000-6: NELCO product; performance is close to S1141 170;

      It is recommended to use S1170 instead.

Common substitutes for materials whose Td value is the focus of attention

1. S1141 Tg =140 Td =310℃ Z-CTE (50-260 ℃ )=4.5%

2. S1141 170 Tg =170 Td =300℃ Z-CTE (50-260 ℃ )=3.5%

3. S1170 Tg =170 Td =335℃ Z-CTE (50-260 ℃ )=3.3%

4. S1000 Tg =150 Td =335℃ Z-CTE (50-260 ℃ )=3.0%

5. IT158 Tg =150 Td =330℃ Z-CTE (50-260℃)=3.0%

6. S1000-2 Tg =170 Td =335℃ Z-CTE (50-260 ℃ )=2.9%

7. S6018 Tg =150 Td =310℃ RCC material

8. IT180 Tg =180 Td =340℃ Z-CTE (50-260 ℃ )=3.0%

9. FR-406 Tg = 170 Td = 300 ℃ Z-CTE (50-260 ℃) =?

10. N4000-6 Tg =175 Td = 310℃ Z-CTE (50-260 ℃ )=3.9%

11. PCL-370HR Tg =180 Td =350 ℃ Z-CTE (50-260 ℃ )=2.7%

12. IS410 Tg =175 Td =? ℃ Z-CTE (50-260 ℃ )=?

13. N4000-11 Tg =175 Td =360 ℃ Z-CTE (50-260 ℃ )=3.2%

It is recommended to use S1170 instead of the above (except S6018)

Common substitutes for materials focusing on Dk and Df

High performance FR-4 material part (N4000-13, N4000-13SI Df are parameters under 1GHZ; 11N Df are parameters under 10GHZ; others are parameters under 1GHZ):

1. Shengyi S1860 Dk=3.6; Df=0.008 Tg=210 ℃

2. Isola FR408 Dk=3.7; Df=0.010 Tg=180 ℃

3. Isola Getek Dk=3.9; Df=0.010 Tg=180 ℃

4. Nelco N4000-13 Dk=3.7; Df=0.009 Tg=210 ℃

5. Arlon 11N Dk=3.8; Df=0.010 Tg=215 ℃

6. Nelco N4000-13SI Dk=3.4; Df=0.008 Tg=210 ℃

The above suggest to use Shengyi S1860 instead

Non-PTFE high frequency application material (10GHZ parameter, Tg=280 ℃)

1. Rogers RO4350B Dk=3.48; Df=0.0037 UL94VO

2. Rogers RO4003C Dk=3.38; Df=0.0027 N/A

3. Arlon 25FR Dk=3.58; Df=0.0035 UL94VO

4. Arlon 25N Dk=3.38; Df=0.0025 N/A

It should be noted that RO4350B 4mil Dk=3.36

Dk=3.50 in PTFE material

1. Arlon AD350, AD350A Dk=3.50; Df=0.003

2. Taconic RF-35, RF-35P Dk=3.50; Df=0.0018, 0.0025

Dk=2.55 in PTFE material

1. Arlon Diclad 527 Dk=2.40-2.60; Df=0.0022

2. Arlon AD255 Dk=2.55; Df=0.0018

3. Taconic TLX-8 Dk=2.45-2.65; Df=0.0019

Dk=2.17-2.20 in PTFE material

1. Arlon Diclad 880 Dk=2.17, 2.20; Df=0.0009

2. Taconic TLY-5 A, TLY-5 Dk= 2.17, 2.20; Df=0.0009

3. Rogers RT5880 Dk= 2.20; Df=0.0009

Prepreg for non-PTFE high frequency materials

1. Rogers RO4403 (3.9mil) Dk=3.17; Df=0.005 N/A

2. Rogers RO4450B (3.9mil) Dk=3.54; Df=0.004 UL94VO

3. Arlon 25FR 1080 (3.9mil),

      Arlon 25FR 2112 (5.8mil)

       Dk=3.58; Df=0.0035 UL94VO (all the same as the corresponding 25FR)

4. Arlon 25N 1080 (3.9mil),

       Arlon 25N 2112 (5.8mil)

        Dk=3.38; Df=0.0025 N/A (all the same as the corresponding 25N)

Bonding film used in PTFE high frequency material

1. Rogers RO3001 (1.5mil) Dk=2.28; Df=0.003

2. Arlon Cuclad 6700 (1.5mil) Dk=2.35; Df=0.0025

3. Taconic HT 1.5 (1.5mil) Dk=2.35; Df=0.0025

Thermoplastic materials are not recommended

Prepreg used for PTFE high frequency materials

1. Taconic TPG-30 (4.5mil); Dk=3.00; Df=0.0038

2. Taconic TPG-32 (4.5mil); Dk=3.20; Df=0.0050

3. Taconic TPG-35 (4.5mil); Dk=3.50; Df=0.0050

2. Gore Speed board C; Dk=2.60; Df=0.0040

    (1.5, 2.0, 2.2, 3.4mil)

Material replacement focusing on halogen content

Halogen-free FR-4 material

1. Shengyi S1155 Tg= 135℃; Td=370℃;

2. Shengyi S1165 Tg= 170℃; Td=360℃;

3. Shengyi S6015 Tg= 145℃; Td=325℃; (halogen-free RCC)

4. Iteq IT140G Tg= 145℃; Td=365℃;

5. Iteq IT155G Tg=160℃; Td=356℃;

6. Iteq IT170G Tg=185℃; Td=360℃;

Material replacement with CTI as the focus

Shengyi S1601

               CTI 400-600V has corresponding PP S0601

              Tg= 135℃ Td =310℃;

Shengyi S1600

               CTI greater than 600V does not correspond to PP

               Tg= 135℃ Td =310℃;

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