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PCB copy board development and PCBA processing equipment
PCB Tech
PCB copy board development and PCBA processing equipment

PCB copy board development and PCBA processing equipment


What equipment is needed for the development of PCB copy board    

For the circuit board copy board industry, equipment is a very important rigid condition. The circuit board copy board industry wants to develop and grow, not only to develop the technical level of copy board services, but also to use circuit board copy board related equipment It can also be matched with it. It can be said that the equipment of PCB copy board directly affects the quality of copy board service.

At present, with the rapid development of technology in the downstream industries of smart phones and computer electronics industries, the product structure of circuit board PCB copy board is gradually developing in the direction of high density, high integration, small aperture, light and thin. The higher the quality requirements, my country's PCB copy board companies, whether they are active or passive, have begun to attach great importance to product quality, and have greater demand for the equipment for copy board services, especially for key links. Of inspection instruments and test equipment, and will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend in the next ten years or even decades.

Circuit board PCB copy board equipment is an important module in this industry. With the steady development of the PCB industry in recent years, the development speed Fast, the scale is gradually expanding, the domestic copy board service equipment market is rapidly expanding, and the annual market capacity has exceeded 20% of the national PCB output value.

Simultaneously with the continuous growth of the output value of PCB copy board and the market expansion of equipment and equipment, the market share of domestic PCB copy board service equipment is also gradually expanding, with an annual increase of more than 30%, and the self-sufficiency rate is rising rapidly. In two or three years, It is estimated that the self-sufficiency rate will rise to 40%~50%. In the next ten years, a new era full of opportunities will usher in.

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What processing equipment needs to be used in PCBA processing

PCBA processing is an electronic processing technology with a relatively high degree of mechanical equipment integration. With the continuous development of our technology, processing equipment has become more and more mature, and its processing technology has also been improved to a certain extent. This makes PCBA processing The quality and good rate of finished products have been greatly improved, and the processing efficiency is also increasing. PCBA processing requires processing equipment. Generally, we need to use printers, dispensers, placement machines and other mechanical equipment for PCBA processing. What are their specific functions? Let's take a look.

1. Printing machine

The printer is located at the front end of the PCBA processing line, and its main purpose is to print solder paste or patch glue on PCB circuit boards. The working process is to align the mesh of the stencil with the PCB pad, and then through the movement of the squeegee, the solder paste or patch glue placed on the stencil is printed on the PCB pad or the corresponding position for PCBA processing Prepare for component placement in the subsequent process.

2. Dispenser

The main purpose of the dispenser is to apply solder paste or patch glue. The working process is to apply a prescribed amount of glue or solder paste on the required position of the PCBA device through the pressure of the vacuum pump. The advantage of the dispenser is that during the production process, there is no need to replace the production jig, which greatly shortens the production cycle, and is suitable for small batch and multi-product production.

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3. Mounter

The placement machine is the core mechanical equipment in PCBA processing, also called the placement machine. The main purpose is to accurately remove the boredom from the specified position through the pre-set conditions, and correctly place it to the designated location. The placement capability of PCBA processing mainly depends on the functional parameters such as the speed and accuracy of the placement machine. It is also a technical, complex, and expensive equipment in the PCBA process.

In pcba processing, the printing machine is a device at the front end of its production line to prepare for component placement in the subsequent process of pcba processing, and the dispenser is used to apply solder paste or patch glue. It is very suitable for the production of small batches and multiple products. The placement machine is a relatively complex and expensive equipment. It can be said to be the core equipment in PCB processing. With the development of our technology, we now have the degree of automation, precision, speed, etc. Better automatic placement machine.