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Regarding the development needs of PCBA processing
PCB Tech
Regarding the development needs of PCBA processing

Regarding the development needs of PCBA processing


PCba processing is an electronic processing technology with a relatively high degree of integration of mechanical equipment. Now the society is constantly developing, and the development of electronic technology is also very fast and good. Therefore, the smt processing industry has become more and more mature. Continuous improvement and improvement have made the quality and quantity of pcba processed products continue to improve, while the efficiency of production is improving. So what are the advantages of pcba processing compared to the individual processing of pcb or smt? The following are some of the advantages of pcba processing.

1. The pcba factory has a complete department system, clear division of labor, and rich industry experience.

2. The pcba factory has many procurement channels and few handling links, which helps to shorten the delivery time.

3. The pcba factory has a complete quality management system, and the quality of the products is guaranteed.

4. It can effectively reduce business management costs, employment costs, time costs, and material costs.

5. The professional quality inspection department inspects incoming materials to avoid a series of problems caused by quality failures of purchased materials.

6. As long as you are responsible for payment and harvest, the cost calculation is convenient and clear.

7. The delivery time of the company's own finished products is controllable, and the shipment plan can be arranged reasonably.

8. Professional material management system and warehousing, component storage and extraction are convenient.

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9. The after-sales maintenance of the product is guaranteed.

10. If the number of components is small, you may not necessarily be able to buy them. The pcba factory will solve it.

11.Professional excellent supplier channels, continuous and stable cooperative relationship, guaranteed quality of component procurement, and easy cost control.

12. Reduce circulation links in product production, improve quality traceability, and ensure quality consistency. PCB manufacturing, component procurement, PCB processing, and test assembly can only be completed in one factory.

13. Reasonably make full use of the resources of the division of labor and reduce unnecessary expenditures. Design, R&D, and production are in different stages. Professional things are done by professional people, which are more efficient, more assured of quality, and easier to control costs. .

14. The unified integration of components and other materials and component resources can reduce repeated purchases, reduce losses, and reduce company costs.

15. Reduce communication costs and increase the time to market for products. There is no need to connect components, PCBs, PCBs, and test assembly separately. The current technology products are iteratively fast, and time determines the living space.

16. Professional one-stop pcba custom processing, handling cases and various situations in various industries, and having more sufficient experience in dealing with unexpected situations that may occur during the production of new products.

The above are some of the advantages of pcba processing. Now pcba processing has become more and more popular. It has gained popularity with various advantages. In pcba processing, many kinds of electrostatic sensitive electronic components are often involved, so there is a certain degree of anti-static In addition, there are many precautions in addition to the requirements. Generally speaking, this is a process with high technical requirements. Its processing equipment generally includes printing machines, dispensers and placement machines, etc., which need to be professional Personnel to operate.