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How to improve the quality and efficiency of components
PCB Tech
How to improve the quality and efficiency of components

How to improve the quality and efficiency of components


smt is a process that is widely used in the electronics industry today. Simply put, it is a surface assembly technology. There are many advantages of smt processing. Its products are small in size and have high-frequency characteristics, so they are recognized by many manufacturers. smt chip processing manufacturers say that the stable performance of the chip placement machine can improve production efficiency and production quality. In fact, smt patch processing has certain requirements for the environment of the workshop, and there are many points of attention during processing.

1. Environmental requirements of SMT patch processing workshop

SMT production equipment is a high-precision mechatronics equipment. The equipment and process materials have certain requirements for the cleanliness, humidity and temperature of the environment. In order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, reduce environmental damage to components, and improve quality, the SMT workshop environment has the following requirements:

1. Power

Generally, single-phase AC220 (220±10%, 0/60Hz) and three-phase AC380 (380±10%, 50/60Hz) are required. The power of the power supply should be more than twice the power consumption.

2. Air source

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The pressure of the air source can be configured according to the requirements of the equipment. The air source of the factory can be used, or an oil-free compressed air machine can be configured separately. Generally, the pressure is greater than 7kg/cm2. Clean and dry purified air is required, so the compressed air needs to be degreasing, dusting, and water removal treatment. Use stainless steel or pressure-resistant plastic pipes for air ducts.

3. Exhaust

Reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment need to be equipped with exhaust fans. For all hot blast stoves, the lower flow rate of the exhaust duct is 500 cubic feet/min (14.15m3/min)

4. Temperature and humidity

The ambient temperature of the production workshop is preferably 23±3℃, generally 17~28℃, and the relative humidity is 45%~70%RH. According to the size of the workshop, set a suitable thermometer and hygrometer for regular monitoring, and equipped with temperature adjustment Humidity facilities.

5. Anti-static

Workers must wear anti-static clothing, shoes, and anti-static wristbands to enter the workshop. The anti-static work area should be equipped with anti-static floor, anti-static seat cushion, anti-static packaging bag, turnover box, PCB board rack, etc.

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Two, SMT patch processing matters needing attention

1. Solder paste refrigerated

The solder paste has just been bought, and if it is not used immediately, it needs to be placed in the refrigerator for refrigeration. The ideal temperature is 5℃-10℃, not lower than 0℃.

2. Replace the wearable parts of the placement machine in time

In the placement process, due to the aging of the placement machine equipment and the damage of the suction nozzle and the feeder, it is easy to cause the placement of the placement machine to be crooked, and cause high throwing, reducing production efficiency and increasing production costs. In the case that the placement machine equipment is not available, it is necessary to carefully check whether the suction nozzle is blocked or damaged, and whether the feeder is intact.

3. Measuring furnace temperature

The quality of PCB board soldering has a great relationship with the reasonable setting of process parameters of reflow soldering. Generally speaking, two furnace temperature tests are required within 24 hours, and at least once in 24 hours, in order to continuously improve the temperature curve and set a temperature curve that is more suitable for welding products. Don't miss this link for the sake of production efficiency and cost savings.

During smt patch processing, the temperature, cleanliness, humidity, etc. of the processing workshop should not be sloppy. The staff must take corrective measures, be careful during processing, and check the consumables from time to time, such as If it is damaged, please replace it in time.