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Circuit board anti-plagiarism skills
PCB Tech
Circuit board anti-plagiarism skills

Circuit board anti-plagiarism skills


Circuit board anti-plagiarism skills
Paying attention to the trend of environmental protection informatization and the development of various environmental protection technologies, PCB factories can start with big data to monitor the company's pollution discharge and governance results, and find and solve environmental pollution problems in a timely manner. Keep up with the production concept of the new era, continuously improve resource utilization, and realize green production. Efforts to enable the PCB factory industry to achieve an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly production model, and actively respond to the country's environmental protection policy.
    The plagiarism method of the circuit board is mainly polishing and scanning, the double-sided board mainly uses the graphic scanning method, and the multi-layer board adds the polishing process. The inner circuit is polished and then scanned. I will take care of how many layers of circuits you have, and polish layer by layer. , It is not difficult. A better way to prevent piracy is to use an encryption chip on the motherboard. Theoretically, it is not absolutely impossible to decipher, but the difficulty of cracking is much greater, and the cost increases a lot. At present, some high-end server motherboards use this technology. The motherboards of ordinary computers are basically difficult to see due to cost reasons. Therefore, there are some common fake boards on the market that are the same as genuine ones.


    The circuit board is not anti-plagiarism. But there are some simple ways to make a copycat head big:
    1. Specify the board, specify the thickness, and specify the thickness of the copper skin. But the premise is that your board impedance control requirements are very strict.
    2. Use silica gel to seal part of the circuit, you can use a microcontroller DlCE with a small number of pins, and seal the software.
    3. Use a pencil or transparent conductive liquid to draw a resistor. You can also draw a capacitor of a few PF, but it will increase the difficulty of your own production.
    4. Use PLD and put complex functions into FPGA as much as possible.
    5. Chip grinding and counterfeiting mislead plagiarism, use ASIC, and use very biased chips.
    6. Customized chip packaging makes the pin definition disorderly.
    7. Use common TTL or CMOS, but use electric pulse method (self-made tools) to directly destroy one or two pins or logic, and then grind the word.
    8. Use ultra-narrow traces and gaps, and test every board (to deal with simple plagiarism).
    9. The components are harsh, such as how much PPM is required for the crystal, how large the capacitance error is, what material to choose, and some key components, if you buy it randomly, you will die. Over the years, we are proud to maintain a 99% on-time delivery rate. We work in three shifts to ensure that your PCB can be placed on your desk as planned and as early as possible. You can choose DHL and other courier services to balance speed and budget. We only use services from reliable and reputable companies.
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