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Intelligent manufacturing of PCBA patch proofing
PCB Tech
Intelligent manufacturing of PCBA patch proofing

Intelligent manufacturing of PCBA patch proofing


    Insist on intelligent manufacturing is the only way for a company to survive

    With the emergence of new technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, the global manufacturing industry is moving towards the era of digitization and intelligence. In particular, as the cornerstone of the industry's bottom line for the development of the Internet of Things-the new technology of intelligent manufacturing of PCBA patch proofing, it is also promoting other industries. A major pillar of various intelligent manufacturing and development.

    However, on the whole, China's manufacturing industry is large but not strong, independent innovation capabilities are relatively weak, resource consumption is large, low-end production capacity is excessive, and high-end supply is obviously insufficient. The entire industry is still at the middle and low end of the global manufacturing chain. In the report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, it was pointed out: We should accelerate the construction of manufacturing industry, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, and promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy. Under the current situation of the development of domestic new and old kinetic energy conversion and the intensification of international competition, the development of intelligent manufacturing is an important way to achieve the strategic goal of an industrial power.

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    Without automation, there can be no intelligence. In order to realize intelligent manufacturing, we must combine process technology, material technology, equipment technology and underlying manufacturing technology. The future competition is the competition of products and services, and even more the competition of costs. With the optimization of production processes and the introduction of smart equipment, smart manufacturing will save companies a lot of production, operation and management costs through advanced computing models and automated operations, improve production efficiency, and enhance their comprehensive competitiveness. We not only look forward to the layout of smart manufacturing, but also stick to the path of smart manufacturing and continue to develop smart manufacturing in the future. We adopt the strategy of "going out" to open up to the outside world, sharing, and win-win cooperation. As mentioned earlier, if China transforms from a large manufacturing country to a manufacturing power, then it will vigorously develop smart manufacturing from the enterprise itself, and from the bottom of the manufacturing industry. ——For example, the intelligent manufacturing of PCBA patch proofing began.

    Poor makes change, change makes common, general makes strong

    With the gradual advancement of the PCBA manufacturing industry, China’s manufacturing will once again achieve “self-righteousness”, and there is no need to travel all the way to Japan to buy a toilet. It is neither easy to carry nor beautiful. Chinese toilets can be used You can comfortably "sit back and enjoy the fruits"; you no longer have to ask a friend to help you bring back a bone-cutting knife from Germany, because the Chinese-made kitchen knife can easily cut bones-and all kinds of bones are no problem. In the future, Chinese companies will also focus more on product quality and service: quality is guaranteed to do the best; service is guaranteed to be meticulous.

    As the middle class continues to grow, if a manufacturing company does not change and does not think about the development direction of its own company in terms of quality and service, then there will be no way out.

New consumption concept

    The implementation of Made in China 2025 will greatly improve the quality of the company’s products. Therefore, the production of products will no longer rely solely on the skills and emotions of workers, but on accurate and stable automated machinery and equipment, and the underlying production technology. , The production method of in-depth integration of software and hardware, and a scientific, reasonable, complete, and executable management system.

    High-level and in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization: driving industrialization with informatization, promoting informatization with industrialization, and taking a new road to industrialization. The core of the integration of the two is to use informatization as the support point and pursue a sustainable and high-speed development model. Comprehensively promote the implementation of the strategic layout of Made in China 2025, from the lowest level of PCBA patch proofing intelligent manufacturing to the intelligent manufacturing of all walks of life, and implement a comprehensive change.

PCBA manufacturing under Made in China 2025

    The importance of smart manufacturing

    Due to the small, irregular and changeable components of the electronics manufacturing industry, many process links require human production, and automation is very difficult to implement. However, with the emergence of machine learning and new sensors, the functions of robots and software systems are becoming more and more powerful. , The automation market in the electronics industry will further open up.

    The manufacturing industry is moving towards the stage of Industry 4.0, and the new model brings higher production efficiency and lower production costs. In the future manufacturing industry, the same production equipment can quickly produce different products, personalized demand will be further released, on-demand production will become a trend, factories no longer need to bear the risk of inventory, customers can instantly customize the most applicable according to their own needs product.

    The essence of intelligent manufacturing is to apply human wisdom to the manufacturing industry, so that China's industry and manufacturing industry have their own intelligent brains. Intelligent manufacturing is not only to solve the problem of intelligent production, but also to drive the development of all walks of life with the lowest level of manufacturing-such as PCBA patch and proofing manufacturing intelligence, or that all industries in the future will be carried out from the dimension of the industrial chain. Intelligent transformation will promote this society to a new economic model. So in this process, it will be a process of transforming information into data, data-derived wisdom, and the evolution of wisdom to intelligence. It is also a process of traditional market economy that focuses on assets, capital, data, and operations, and turns to smart economy. An evolutionary process of the new economic model of assets, light capital, data, and operation.